Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bad Experience

When I was young (8 or 9 years old) I used to cry half way during my afternoon nap. My father will carry me on his lap and try to make me awake. As he thought I was having nightmare and not fully awake. I will tell him all nonsense thing like "the tyre is getting bigger and bigger", "the roller is rolling bigger and bigger", "the wall is expanding, can you see?" For the first time, my family thought I was being incantation....... But later on he found that it might due to my afternoon nap (weather during those day usually warm and hot, sweating in the sleep) that had caused me bad dreams, bad imagination and bad cry. From that moment onwards, I try not to nap in the afternoon unless I'm really tired.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm BACK....

After a long rest, I felt a bit lazy to sit in front of the computer and typing. A lot of things appeared in my mind and I don't know where to start as all of them need to be back dated. I just wish that there is a machine/copier which could copy what I'm thinking and transform into essay and blog automatically..... am I crazy? Ha ha I think the holidays are too long for me.
During the Christmas holidays, we went for shopping as usual. Bought CNY clothes for all of us. Luckily managed to do some housekeeping as CNY is around the corner. And I'm proud to let you know that I even did some cookie baking in one of those day. Not bad ar......