Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Celebrate 66th Birthday

This post has been sitting in my draft 2 weeks ago, guess what? I've forgotten to post it :P.

Time really flies without our notice. We had celebrated my mum's 66th birthday on last Monday. Like all the past year, all of her grandchildren will be surrounded her to sing her birthday song (4 more granddaughters were missing in action, not able to join), and today we as her children chosen to take a step back to backup them in singing, do some photos shooting, to be the conductor as well. It's fun! As usual, Jack (the boy with light blue shirt) always be the louder one to sing birthday songs and followed by Audrey.

See, the kids are even more excited for cake cutting as they were waiting to eat the delicious cake. This year, we bought a green tea cake from Suki's Cake House. Another thumb's up for Suki after their famous mango cake. We finished the whole cake within half an hour. Next time (for my father birthday), we must double the cake size in order to satisfy everyone with a bigger portion.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Flying in From France

What are these guys doing in my mum kitchen? Solving 'big' problem or having cooking competition?

The one hanging was actually a type of seaweed and what were inside the basket? Oysters! They came all the way from France. My brother's friend is doing business in supplying all kind of special seafood from oversea to local restaurant especially those in hotel. So he asked his friend to import a basket of oysters from France. He told me that the oysters we have from hotel or restaurant are usually from Australia and hardly find oysters from France. Now only I know about it and can't wait to try the taste of those fresh oysters.

Firstly, we past the challenging job (to open the shell) to the guys. They asked for all kind of opener tools and even spanner was needed as well. Huh..... not an easy job as you think. To enjoy a prefect oyster, those gentleman trying their best to open the shell without distorting the oyster. Otherwise it would be much easier as you just need to insert a knife between the calcified valve and cut the adductor muscle into half. By applying little force, it can be opened quite easily. But then you will find the oyster will not in the original and perfect shape.

Shannen was pointing at the fresh oyster and making sound "mum mum", not calling me but requesting for food. Look, the oyster was so tempting. Big thanks to the 3 gentlemen.

With just a squeeze of lemon juice on top of it + a little wasabi = YUMMY!

Now you see, now you don't.

The taste was slightly different as compared to those normal oyster from Australia. It's not that soft and juicy but you will get more satisfaction while chewing it. It's really fresh!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

House Warming

We were invited by Sin Lee for a house warming last Saturday. Just a small group of us as I believe she can't handle too many at one go. I prefer the same way of organizing house warming so that I could spend more time with only a group of friends rather than mingle around a few groups + relatives in a house warming party.

Simple but delicious lunch was being served, thanks to SL's mum. I like the fried mee hoon and if serve with curry chicken, I would probably take 2 big bowls. Ha ha!

Share with you some photos of the kids playing around.

If not mistaken, this should be di di. Got to clarify with the mummy.

Junior Sin Lee & Junior Siaw Wei. Do you agree they look alike their mum?

Di di was ready for photo shooting whereas kor kor enjoying his pacifier.

What attracted both babies?

Junior Hing. Photo shoot by his mum.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Parents...not easy to be!

Parents nowadays try several ways to fulfill their children demand and make sure they live happily. Why I said so? Don't you think we as parents sometimes don't mind spending on expensive stuff as long as the thing could deliver good quality for our lovely kiddos.

From branded and trendy garments, nutritious milk powder (must contain DHA, AA, SA, as many A as possible... :P), high quality toys, bring them go outing every weekend, enroll to the best education center (including tuition), organize vacation during school holidays, send them for additional curriculum like piano class, taekwondo, ballet, swimming class and etc..... It's really really really not an easy task to become parents now as compared to oldest day.

I'm lucky as during my teenage I was given opportunity to learn piano and go for tuition which many might not have the chance. However I didn't make it for piano for some reason after few months of classes otherwise another famous pianist would probably playing around the world now.... cheh!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Piano And Me

One day, my mum asked me whether I would like to go for piano class. The story behind was one of her friend intended to send her daughter to piano class therefore asking whether I would like to join. Since I had been given the first priority among all my sisters, of course I will be happier to say yes.

I started the class together with my friend in Yamaha Music Center which located in Kajang town. After 3 months, my friend quited. I'm not sure why but I think she doesn't like it (forced by her mum to learn). Then I have to attend the one to one class. At first I was playing pretty well, I still remember the piano teacher was an English speaking Malay lady. She has been very patience while teaching student like me as I wasn't a fast learner at that time. But because my English was so lousy, I couldn't catch 100% of her teaching and understand well. Finally I requested to change my piano teacher.

This time, the center arranged a Chinese lady to become my coach. Because of her, I gave up my piano at the end. No doubt she was using bilingual (English & Mandarin) in her coaching however she was so strict and fierce to a 10 years old girl. She will punish me and scold me if I failed to play it well. I felt so so so tension to attend her class after all. I dare not tell my mum that I wish to quit the class as my father was so kind to buy me a brand new piano. What am I suppose to do with the new piano if I quit now? However, thanks to my second sister who was my life saver. I can't recall how but she was replacing me for piano class, so I managed to quit by then.

She was learning hard and playing quite well. And she had passed her grade 7 exams many years back. Bravo!

After the incident, I dare not request mum to send me for any other classes.