Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fullhouse, Oh Yes!

I found a very lovely restaurant located at Sunway Pyramid. The name of this restaurant is FULLHOUSE. This is a special place where you could dine in as well as doing a little shopping inside. The color theme of this restaurant is white. We are just like sitting inside a white castle, having a sip of coffee with some delicious cake. You may have visited this restaurant but I would like to recommend it to those haven't. It was a thumb up for our first visit.

Try it out if you think the following photo impressed you.

This is one of the deco corner inside Fullhouse, very English style.

We ordered chicken wings, yummylicious. And the box standing beside was to pack some leftover cake. The box still with me even the cakes have gone.

Our tea break, taste good.

Cakes are not bad too especially green tea cheese cake.

Last but not least, our two little princess busy shooting photo with those cartoon statute.

We pay less than RM50 for all the above.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Japanese Ice-Cream

We went to Sunway Pyramid last weekend and I was attracted by this food corner serving Japanese Ice-Cream. You know, my hubby is kind of people who will never pay for "imported food" as he claimed that we are paying for the expensive freight instead of the quality food. However I insisted of trying this as the bill will be paid from the RM50 cash given by the company for my birthday (even I just join them for 2 months.....hehe).

We bought 1 cup of cranberry + strawberry ice cream and 1 cone of strawberry for Audrey, cost us nearly RM20 for both.

We were not eating ice cream but fruits blended with ice indeed. Pretty disappointed... huh. However people on diet may like it as it's contain natural sweet from the fruits and with very little cream. Too bad, we got a sour strawberry that day..... :(

It's definitely not my cup of tea.