Monday, July 6, 2015

Half Of My Life

Did anyone review your achievement when you are passing half of your life journey? Ops.... maybe you are still young and haven't reach that stage as of now.
I remembered when I was young, like below 18 years old, when knowing someone above age 40, I will categories that person "old" or in a nicer word "more senior". However, when come to your turn, it's just doesn't sound that old for my self. He he he...... running away from the fact.
So what is or are my achievement since I reached half of my journey now? Hmm.... nothing much beside having a happy family with 2 adorable daughters and lovely hubby. This is my greatest achievement I accounted thus far.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Missing You

I missed those day staying home as full time house wife, fetching my gal from school and out for lunch, do some update for my blog, following my blogger friend's blog, having morning tea with friends staying around, etc..... gosh, really missed those day.

I should plan a day off for all the above..... ;-) What do you think?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Am I Ready?

Ready for what? Ans : Ready to update my blog again?

I'm not sure as I have been stop doing so for few months and I'm sooooo lazy nowadays. I wish that I could keep it up again so that I will not miss any precise moment to be jotted down there. And I knew this is one of the way to "keep in touch" with my friends too.

CNY is around the corner. Everyone now could be busy for all kind of preparation. I'll make it pretty simple this year. No homemade cookie, only new clothes, new vases, new bracelet ..... and new job after CNY.

More updates coming up next.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fullhouse, Oh Yes!

I found a very lovely restaurant located at Sunway Pyramid. The name of this restaurant is FULLHOUSE. This is a special place where you could dine in as well as doing a little shopping inside. The color theme of this restaurant is white. We are just like sitting inside a white castle, having a sip of coffee with some delicious cake. You may have visited this restaurant but I would like to recommend it to those haven't. It was a thumb up for our first visit.

Try it out if you think the following photo impressed you.

This is one of the deco corner inside Fullhouse, very English style.

We ordered chicken wings, yummylicious. And the box standing beside was to pack some leftover cake. The box still with me even the cakes have gone.

Our tea break, taste good.

Cakes are not bad too especially green tea cheese cake.

Last but not least, our two little princess busy shooting photo with those cartoon statute.

We pay less than RM50 for all the above.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Japanese Ice-Cream

We went to Sunway Pyramid last weekend and I was attracted by this food corner serving Japanese Ice-Cream. You know, my hubby is kind of people who will never pay for "imported food" as he claimed that we are paying for the expensive freight instead of the quality food. However I insisted of trying this as the bill will be paid from the RM50 cash given by the company for my birthday (even I just join them for 2 months.....hehe).

We bought 1 cup of cranberry + strawberry ice cream and 1 cone of strawberry for Audrey, cost us nearly RM20 for both.

We were not eating ice cream but fruits blended with ice indeed. Pretty disappointed... huh. However people on diet may like it as it's contain natural sweet from the fruits and with very little cream. Too bad, we got a sour strawberry that day..... :(

It's definitely not my cup of tea.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pray For Her

I was shocked and depressed when I was told by a friend of mine that another friend in our group is confirmed having breast cancer, stage 2. So a lunch has been organized last weekend just to get together again for some updates, main purpose was to raise our concern to our friend who will be undergoing operation to remove the cancer cell next week. In another words, one of her breast will be removed.

We were sad to hear her story on how she discovered her illness and besides giving her little advice; we also expressed our full support to her. To my surprise, she doesn’t looks depressed. In fact she is brave, accepted the fact what the God has arranged for her, optimistic (as she is still planning oversea trip when recover) and get her self prepared (look around for wig hair….she told us for those made by real hair cost more than RM1k). Perhaps her strong spirit is to believe appeared due to her supportive hubby.

Operation is just a process to remove the cancer cell, following up after that is chemotherapy which to most of them the toughest treatment for the cancer patient. No appetite, vomit, weak, drowsy, lost hair, etc. I pray for her to lessen her pain.

Until now she is still worrying her work as nobody could back her up during her medical leave. Ya…. she is “one leg kick” kind of employee to her company. I raised a little of my voice when I knew about her concern. The most important things for her to do now are to rest, rest and rest. Her worried will not help her to get rid of the bad cell and somehow may make things worst. This is what the company has given her after so many years of service (stressful working environment) despite no increment for past 4 years.

As a mother, her greatest concern is her only son. She is the tutor, mentor, inspector and reminder for her 10 years old son especially guiding him for school work. Her son is depending too much on her. We told her to let go the responsibility and it’s time for her son to be independent.

Women oh women, why we have so much of worries but none of it is for our health?

Saturday, July 31, 2010

In Silent Mode

Sorry for not updating my blog for more than 1 month. Thanks for your patience to revisit here again. Ya ya..... I'm still alive here and struggling my working life too.

I'm in low battery mode after coming back from work everyday. So I will knock off in less than 3 minutes while the kids still actively playing on the bed with their soft toys.

And when come weekend, I like to charge myself with a long afternoon nap. Feel fresh after that, that's how I spend my weekend nowadays. Pretty boring but I like it as I can cut down outing which usually ended up at shopping mall. Save my hard earn money too .... ha ha! But mega sales is out there now.... "leg itch liaw".

Really looking forward for next month end for long holidays. Employee is like that mah.... hoping month end for salary and looking forward for holidays, yahoo!

Will try to update my blog more often.....hopefully! Don't worry, fore sure I'm following your blog even I hardly leave my comment here.