Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

We just came back from movie "Alice In Wonderland", not bad. I quite like the Red Queen especially her big round head and her heart shape lips.... ha ha ha, cute! Audrey enjoyed watching the movie, at least she never request for either tidbits, food, sweet, drink, etc during the show. She will demand all sort of food when she doesn't like certain movie, just to pass her time in cinema. She only requested a small piece of cake right after the show started, perhaps she was hungry.

Next coming up will be Toy's Story 3, but need to wait a bit longer. It will be released in June 2010.

Monday, March 29, 2010

How To Keep Your Valuable Things

How do you keep your valuable things at home, for instance your gold jewelry, diamond ring, cash, antique watches, etc? Here are some tips that I wish to share with you. If you have a better one, do let us know. Believe it or not, thieves are smarter than anyone of us. Only those stupid thieves will get caught and jailed.

Or do you prefer to use safety box? How safe can a safety box be? My former company safety box was no longer safe when it was burglarized, all the foreign currency notes gone.

I think the safer way of avoiding lost is don't keep too much of valuable things at home, am I right?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Do You Read Magazine?

I like to read magazine especially those feminine magazine so much. I don't mind reading past month magazine as long as it's new to me which I'm yet to read. My only request is that the magazine must in good condition.

I'm not sure whether you have such feeling like me. After reading those feminine magazine it does encourage me to love my body, to care about my skin, to treat my hair even better, to enjoy life and many more. I'm not only being revealed with the new fashion design, latest trend of handbag, new launch of skin product, customer review or feedback of current beauty product, more importantly I will also get their beauty advice and tips which I think its all time useful.

I truly enjoy the moment of reading a magazine without any disturb or interruption. Em.... if it comes with a cup of iced blended mocha, it makes my day perfect!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

2nd International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

It was our first time to join the crowd at International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Putrajaya on 20 March 10. We were supposed to meet up SIL and BIL there but due to the poor networking and too many people over there, we didn't catch up each other.

We thought we were late as we only reached there around 7.30pm, but we find it was the best timing as they were just setting up and bringing up balloon by balloon. Amazing view especially when they shoot the fire to keep the balloon floating. At 9.00pm, there was grand firework and we clapped our hand of the excellent played.

They were putting up another balloon.

And finally....... I like this "lion" hot air balloon from France, cute!

Giant orange balloon, from Belgium!

This was my favorite hot air balloon for 2010, from Netherlands.

Another cutie bird balloon.

Attractive and colorful balloons.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Plaster Moulding & Painting

I bought this last weekend from Popular Bookstore. Since I have so much of free time staying home with Audrey after her school, I plan some activities for her and myself to pass our time meaningfully. This set of painting kit contained 6 assorted designs of plaster mould, plaster powder, magnet, pins, glitter, 5 colours of paint & 1 paint brush.

First we have to make the mould using the plaster powder. Leave it for at least 30 mins to dry it up before start coloring it. Audrey enjoyed doing it as much as mummy did.

Jeng Jeng Jeng.... these are our final pieces of plaster painting. Which is nicer? Audrey did 3 plasters painting while one of them was done by me..... he he, can guess?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We celebrated this last month

(Back back back ..... dated post)

Pai seh, I missed this out last month. I'm a pure Hokkien therefore on the eve of the 8th day of CNY, we will celebrate 'Pai Tien Kong'. It is the biggest event and a very important celebration for us during CNY. No doubt hubby is not a Hokkien but we do celebrate this special day each year at my mum house. We just pray for a better year for us each time.

This year was rather special as my brother has invited 2 lions dance to perform on that night, right after prayer ceremony. We were so excited waiting for that as all of us are lion dance's fans. Both my girls like to watch lion dance even though both of them feel frightened of it. They watched with both hand closing their ears.

Shannen & Audrey playing the firecrackers happily. 2 full tables of foods for prayer. All prepared by mum except the 'roasted pig'.

Before the dance started, my girls were brave enough to stand beside the lion head for photo.

The whole dance show took more than 30 minutes. Excellent dance!

After the prayer, as usual we will gather to enjoy the fresh roasted pig.... it's really yummy, the meat still warm and juicy! We reached home around 2am and both the girls already slept soundly inside the car. They were too tired. This was how we celebrated our/Hokkien new year 2010.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our All Time Favorite Lunch

Since I'm not satisfied with the spaghetti that we had last weekend, I decided to cook it myself for today lunch. I used Campbell's Alfredo Portobello, fettuccine, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, prawns, whipping scream, garlic & onion to cook my version of spaghetti. It was a thumb's up! Em.... my stomach is full now.

This is our simple yet delicious lunch for today!

Luckily both my girls and hubby also like to eat spaghetti.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunday Outing

We went 'jalan-jalan' last weekend since it was Shannen birthday. But I think mummy was happier than anyone....he he!

We had our lunch at a newly open restaurant, The Spaghetti Farm at Mid Valley. I'm a spaghetti lover, so I put high hope on their food since they are so specialized in selling just "spaghetti". Em....*shaking my head*, left right not up down, k! They served lousy spaghetti. My version of spaghetti sure will beat them anytime. We ordered 2 bowls of spaghetti, Pomodoro & Carbonara and we top up some money to get 2 soups and drinks. The soups (mushroom & asparagus) were too salty.

This was the Carbonara spaghetti, only pasta, ham & sauce, RM9.80. Can eat with one eye close.

This was the Pomodoro spaghetti, only pasta and sauce..... teruknya! I asked hubby why the sauce tasted like the tomato sauce we use to dip with french fries? RM5.80 per bowl. Luckily it was only RM5.80, but even that also not worth. The worst spaghetti in my life!

Wondering how long can this shop sustains in the street that occupy many others nice and delicious food restaurant. I'll never visit them again....:(

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Mama Patch!

To run an online business not as easy as I thought, what's more with 3 kids tagging along. My salute to this friend of mine who has did it so well. Today is her 1st online business anniversary, I would like to take this opportunity to wish her more success in her Mama Patch business. Happy Anniversary! What are you waiting? Come join us to grab the giveaway prizes from Mama Patch....... *Good one*

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Grand Draw: ONE FREE Pastel Silk Baby Ring Sling worth Rm168 (design fully custom made to your wish) or Cloth Pads (combination of your choice) worth Rm128
Everyone stand a fair chance. Blog or share on facebook starting from now. Each announcement will entitle one draw so you can post or share as frequent (even daily or hourly!) as you like. Our grand prize will goes the winner fairly and randomly pick by our little model in the pic above when he gets up in the morning on 31 March, 2010 (drawn dateline).

Token for everyone: 28% Discount Voucher for ALL
And that’s not all. We want to thank everyone too, for walking down the one journey with us. Please help us to invite all your friends to join us as a Mama Patch FAN in FACEBOOK. Once we reach 1280 Fans, we will be announcing a Super 28% Discount Voucher (applicable all handmade on Mama Patch website) to everyone, through Facebook (do make sure you join us to be find out ya!)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2YO Shannen

We celebrated Shannen's 2 yo birthday last weekend at 2 different places, my in law and my mum house. She was lucky to have 2 times of simple celebration as she got 2 different team singing birthday song for her this year. Adult version of birthday song at my in law place whereas a group of kids version of birthday song at my mum place.

When we asked her, "Who happy birthday?" She will replied in a singing tone "Happy birthday to Audrey"..... ha ha, this is because her che che's birthday was last month and she thought we celebrate her che che birthday again.

New signature pose by Shannen with party hat.

Photo with grandma, little Thomas, che che & grandpa.

Another round of celebration with all the cousin sisters & brothers at my mum house. Her 'Pooh' jelly cake. Not bad.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Never ever thought of being a SAHM after so many years of study as people always claimed it a waste to just staying at home, looking after kids, spending every half day in kitchen. What say you?

I will not quote it as a 'waste' because I see that as a way of showing how financially stable or rich a husband is, that allow you not to work forever. I'm referring this to SAHM out there but not for my case ya.... I'm still eagerly looking for new job, be it part time or permanent job.....:P
A few of my friends were not working but taking care of their own kids at home. One of them told me, "can survive, as long as you are not a big spender". "Really?" thinking in my heart. I'm not a big spender but also not small, so how? He he he....

Many possibility & concerned came across my mind before and after I stopped working. Where can I be after this? How long it takes me to get a new job? Do I want to be a SAHM in long term? Can I run some online business (this is the most headache question that I keep on asking myself as I got no idea what to sell)? Anyone can recommend a good fortune teller so that I know what to do and where to head on?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Home Tutor

Home tutor available now! Only teaching A to E, as she is still under learning stage but would like to be a part time tutor. Interested party could contact her personal assistant (Audrey) at 012-245 58510 (*this phone no was given by Audrey, she even wrote on a small piece of paper for her friend at school. Wondering her friend could reach her with so many digits h/p no.... ha ha).

See how my "half pail water" Shannen in teaching action.

True story : We assigned Audrey to become Shannen "teacher" since she like to be a teacher so much. As and when she is free, she will catch hold of Shannen to teach her A~Z. However my little Shannen always disappoint her sister by not paying full attention. So the teacher will make complaint to parent..... which is me.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meeting Up With Old Friends

We had a very tight schedule during CNY festive as we wish to catch up with our old friends that we hardly see even though we are staying in the same town, city, state and country. So we fully utilized this holidays to meet them up, all of us were so exhausted especially my 2 little kids.

Sometimes, they got to sacrifice their afternoon nap to just a few minutes short nap inside the car. Really pity them as we tend to come back home late too.

How time flies! We still looks the same beside some minor wrinkles you could spot from our face (at least for myself la... ). But our kids have grown up a lot and you could see the differences from below photo.
From left : Audrey, Wei Qi & Li Qi (Photo taken in 2007)

Do you think they have changed a lot?

Our group's next generation getting bigger ......