Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two Different Faces

Looking at both my daughters, I always mumbling to myself why both of them are having different looks? I mean you will hardly find any matching features from them. Will you tell they are sisters if they are not being introduced? Audrey's face is oval shape while Shannen's face is round type. Obviously Shannen's eyes are bigger as compared to Audrey. And Shannen looks more chubby then Audrey who is still so skinny.

Not only faces are different, they also carrying their very own personalities and characteristic. For example, Shannen is very stubborn and never tolerate. Audrey is on the opposite side not because she could understand us more now but during her age like Shannen, I find it easier to negotiate with her. As a parents, we got to fine tune our ways in handling both of them in most of the occasion.

Me and hubby always teasing each other for having a same characters daughter respectively. Usually conversation will end like this, "ya lah, like the father" or "see, behave like mummy"..... ha ha. However, what can I demand more as even for twins, they will have tendency to pursue different or opposite characteristic too. No matter how, they are still our lovely girls forever.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunglasses Spoilt By ......

Can you make a guess how could this sunglasses being damaged? Ok ok , give you some tips. It was due to the contact of a form of liquid. Almost every car will have one in it. Em.... my last tip will definitely lead you straight to the answer.... it release aroma smell.... yeah, it's car perfume.

We came out a very smart (agreed it's smart at least before this happened) way of handling car perfume as we don't really like a very thick smell of aroma inside our car. So instead of open up the cover of the perfume and plug into the air-cond window, hubby made a small hole on the cover and "made" it stand inside one of the car compartment where we put our sunglasses there. Don't know how the perfume lost it's balancing, overturned and the liquid spilled out.
We were shocked to see the sunglasses in such damaged look. Chemistry contact between both items resulted in such a way. So don't ever put both item together just in case, unless you plan to change to a new sunglasses.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Need Any Massage?

Do you like massage? You like to be massaged by hand or massage chair like OSIM and OGAWA? For me, I prefer massage chair than others. Reason being I don’t feel comfortable and find it quite ‘geli’ when being touch by a stranger especially when you go for full body massage at those SPA lounge. I experienced that once in Bali and never ever try it after that.

However, I prefer shoulder message done by hubby or even Audrey, don’t under estimate a 4 years old girl’s strength, you will be surprised. Sometimes I even requests hubby to do ‘kua sa’ for me. It really helps to release my stressed shoulder muscle.

During my post maternity, I didn’t go for any traditional massage which most of my friend did. There are many reasons to go for it afterbirth, for example to speed up shrinkage of womb, help to remove remaining blood clots, to improve recovery therefore to return your body shape like before even faster. Some says it will also help to release ‘gas’ captured in the stomach.

Having difficultly to get an experienced massage lady that offer good home services? No problem at all. Now you may enjoy the services at home from Rustic Nirvana. They offer many types of home-based spa package beside the therapy for post maternity. And even if you are lazy to drive all the way to SPA lounge, you can ‘take away’ the services now.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SaLeS! sAlEs ! SALES!

I like month of August, not only my birthday falls on this month (another 2 of my best friends birthday just few days after mine) but Mega Sales Carnival happen to be in the same month as well. Ha ha..... women and shopping, don't ever think of separating them!

Our annual mega sales begins from 4 July until 31 Aug. Another 2 more weeks for you to shop before the sales ended. Initially I have a long shopping list on what to buy during this greats period but had discarded to only a few which I think are necessary. As I don't wish to waste any penny on unnecessary stuff due to job insecurity. Second, don't wish to add another rubbish to the earth as for sure I will throw it away one day. Third reason, no mood to go shopping nowadays with H1N1 pandemic badly hitting around. Last but no least, wish to keep more money for my trip to either Bangkok or Bandung when H1N1 gone. Heard many of them saying both places are shopping heaven.

I think we went shopping almost every weekend during sales carnival last year but have been cutting down to only 2 or 3 times this year. Em.... let me think whether worth to go another round of shopping without bringing kids but wearing mask.... ha ha, crazy me!

Here are some photos taken at Pavillion when the sales carnival just started. Last week, little Shannen was requesting to go for "kai-kai", she gave us a shock.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Weeks Are Ended

Hooray... my colleague finally came back after 2 weeks MC due to chicken pox. I was so tightened up with most of her works. We got to share the workload of 4 persons among 2 pairs of hands now. Because initially we already shorthanded since beginning of the year due to economic down turn and now add another one due to medical leave. Phiew...... for quite some times never been that busy, not really used to it.

Some of you might be thinking why busy since the company is closing down end of the year? Orders are just bumping in like nobody business. Maybe customers would like to keep stock and some was due to project starts rolling again. Symptom of world economics recovering? But why the jobless rate still that high?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Surprise Gift?

Audrey got another surprise gift from my colleague's hubby, uncle Steve. She was so happy holding the tigers and telling me that she wants the yellow/black stripes tiger while orange/brown stripes tiger is for mei mei. She always has the priority to be the first one to choose for anything, simply because mei mei still small and not so choosy. I asked her whether she wants to call uncle Steve and says thank you, she answered me 'no'. Forcing her to call someone she is not close to might be quite difficult as she will end up keeping silent on the phone. Ok, let's mummy helps you to say 'THANK YOU' by posting this on the blog (Uncle Steve, hope you will read this here one day).

P/S : Audrey's was holding the tiger and sleep soundly yesterday night.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Her New Watch

Not sure whether you will be facing problem from your kids demanding you to buy this and buy that for the reason 'my friend also having it'. What will you do to their request? Grab it for them if they don't have or explain to them when you think it's unnecessary to own it?

Sometime Audrey can very quite demanding. One day she came back and told me to buy a Barbies doll wrist watch for her as she likes the watch that her friend's own. I asked her why she needs a watch when she doesn't know how to read the time. She told me she will know how to read the time when she own a watch..... haizzzz. But her daddy negotiated with her and promised to get her one only when she is able to tell the time correctly. So she learns very hard from her dad and finally, she managed to tell the time (sometime can tell wrongly). You know what will happen next, she wanted to redeem her new watch now..... and required to have Barbie's logo on it.

Therefore, we brought her to JJ to get her a Barbies doll watch (cheap cheap one, only RM10 but working until today... ha ha). Now she is busy reporting time to us and checking whether her watch time is same as ours......phiew! One of the morning, she even yelled at me while pointing to her watch, "mummy, faster, I got no time liaw.... it's 7.30am now.