Friday, January 29, 2010

2 more weeks!

We went to The Curve & Ikea last weekend. Quite crowded, in fact every where is crowded now as most of us were having the same purpose of being there. Yeah, CNY shopping!

No doubt I told you that we are done with CNY clothes but ‘we’ referring to only the 3 ladies at home. Yes, the only man of us still yet to get his CNY clothes, at least not up to the quantity that we all have....he he. I think all the men are like that, stingy to spend money for their garment. Unlike us (women), spending like no body business especially taking this big festival as an excuses to help to boost up the economics growth index. Luckily he never stops me from buying things either for myself or his 'little gals', :P. But I got to control, control & control myself as I tend to be over excited for coming CNY which could give my pocket a big hole later on.
I already bought 3 pairs of new shoes but this has not stopped me from entering shoes shop .... calm down! calm down!

2 more weeks, 2 more weeks to wish everyone “Gong Xi Fa Cai”….. crazy me!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ring Sling For Pooh

Since last few weeks, I noticed Audrey likes to play with her Pooh which she never show much of interest before. And she was playing ‘mummy & baby’ with Pooh, Audrey become 'mummy' while ‘baby’ is Pooh.

I saw her carrying Pooh walking here and there, pretending milk feeding sometimes. Until yesterday night, I was too curious to see her carrying Pooh again in that way (covered Pooh with her blanket, holding Pooh one side and place part of her blanket onto her shoulder like below photo), so I asked her.

Me : Audrey, why are you carrying Pooh like that?

Audrey : Like aunty Chin Nee mah…..

(I was speechless with eyes rolling)

Now only I realized that she was using her pink blanket as 'ring sling' to carry Pooh. Ha ha ha….. like that also can. Perhaps I shall check whether mamapatch offers any mini ring sling for kids to carry their soft toy.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Month To Go.....

Today is the 1st day of the last month in Ox year, meaning to say we have exactly another month to go before Chinese New Year.

Both my gals already started to create the CNY atmosphere at home by watching CNY song DVD. They got so excited about it and requested me to play the DVD / CD for them almost every night. They love watching it so much especially Audrey who likes to sing and dance. They even watch the same DVD at baby sitter house everyday without fail.

Although only one month left, I'm still yet to start my "to-do list" which are quite long. Hai.... from cleaning, cookie baking, housekeeping (to throw old and unwanted stuff), shopping for CNY, perm my hair (yet to decide), etc. Not sure I will be able to complete all tasks within these 4 weekends. However, the only thing I'm done for CNY was the new clothes for all of us. He he..... all the new clothes already washed, iron and hang inside the cupboard.

How's your preparation for coming CNY?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ageless Beauty

I came across below quote from a beauty magazine that I wish to share with you. I find it so true and hope those who depending so much on beauty skin product to repair/maintain their skin will also consider point no.2 for a better skin improvement result.

At any ages, there are 3 elements that control a beautiful skin:
1) Genetics
2) Lifestyle
3) Prevention
You can’t change your genetics but you can modify your lifestyle and take steps to prevent damage to your skin.

What are those prevention steps? Skin beauty product that you trust it could repair or improve your skin texture and complexion like most of us rely on it?

However, external application (using skin beauty product) will only provide 20% result to achieve a healthy and smooth skin (advised by professional beauty specialist). Whereas balance 80% result comes from your "lifestyle" for example food intake including food supplement to prevent age skin.

Finally, always wear sunscreen, especially on your face, whether it’s sunny or cloudy. Buy a face moisturizer that contains at least 15 SPF. Or wear a hat that provides shade.

10 Food For Better Skin

Friday, January 8, 2010

I Feed You la.....

Being a che che (at least for Audrey) not an easy job, what’s more a che che to a very demanding and cranky mei mei all the time. Last few days, Audrey felt like wanted to be a good che che to Shannen and a good helper to mummy. She voluntarily feeds Shannen for her dinner meal. She scooped little by little (about half tea spoon for each scoop) to Shannen with lot of patience. I was impressed.

But this doesn’t last long, Shannen refused to be fed by her after few meals. She just wanted to do it by her own. You know what her che che did? She teased Shannen by giving her a nice and new hair band in exchange to have the feeding chance. Ha ha….

Shannen just acting like a 'queen' sitting there waiting her che che to feed her. Audrey starts nagging (like mummy) when Shannen takes time to chew and swallow her rice.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Girls' Gang

Girls like to gang with girls?
They like to play together without interfering by boys because boys are rough.
They like to play all girly games but sometimes join the boy group when they get bored with what they are playing.
When they join in, they will not play it tenderly, acting rough too.
In a way to protect themselves, so that they will not get hurt.
You can hear their voices from far when they "roar".....
Daddy always complaint they transform their nutrition intake into voice energy, therefore hardly grow in term of weight..... now I believe it.
As long as you girls are happy with all the playing, we too feel happy.
Enjoy your childhood, you gonna miss it one day.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

My 1st Day

Today marks the first day of Audrey enrolling to kindergarten with her new uniform (she doesn't has any uniform previously to My Montessori). She was quite excited as she has been waiting to wear the uniform hanging inside the wardrobe since last month. So today her long waiting wish comes true.

Since there was orientation held on the last day of the year 2009, I just dropped her off my car without accompanying her into her class. I already told her everything about the kinder, teacher, breakfast, her belongings, toilet, etc. Not only that she will be meeting her transporter for the first time after class (mummy also not yet meet the uncle, only talked over the phone, don't worry he was recommended by the kinder's principal).

My 5 years old gal is very independent, most of the time. I'm quite proud of her but on the other hand also quite worry that she might not need daddy & mummy to be around her at her early age .... :(