Friday, September 26, 2008

Pediasure vs Sustagen

Audrey is taking Pediasure choc flavor milk currently. She only likes choc flavor and refused to drink other than that. Not too long ago, she complained that the milk we mixed for her had one kind of smell and she refused to drink it. We tried to smell it and really, we could feel very little odd smell (like "chao yao yik"-cantonese) on the mixed milk. However we still forced her to drink the milk as we thought not a big deal, we may able to eliminate the smell by mixing more hot instead of warm water. No choice, she consumed it with a “long” face …… drinking half way, she felt like vomit. Poor gal….

The next and following night, the smell getting worst so I told hubby to send it back to the shop since the milk powder was just purchased few days back. Luckily the shop that we used to purchase our milk powder was very generous and exchanged a new tin of milk to us after our explanation. The shopkeeper even agreed that child has a very sensitive tongue than adult. They could immediately sense even with just a slight different of taste on their food. Upon receiving the new tin of milk powder, we opened it on the spot and let’s our little inspector carried out the smell test. Quality checked and passed.

Later on, we found out that the milk powder shall be consumed within 2 weeks once open. Alamak, Audrey takes more than 3 weeks to finish one tin. So we decided to try other brands which might not have this restriction. Not many brands of milk powder have choc flavor, I could only think of Sustagen. But to my disappointment, they don’t have choc flavor sample milk powder for testing. Ai ya...headache la.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We have the same colour blood

I was in a full day training since yesterday. The training topic was related to OHSAS 18001 which our company is in the progress of preparing all the ground works for certification, probably next year.
What I wish to highlight here is a statement made by the trainer that make my heart feel so warm. He said : "Community nowadays are lack of 'caring' attitude, we shouldn't care what skin colours we have ... because in the end, we all have the same colour of blood." This makes me think of those stupid fellows making big hoo haa about racist issues. I wonder if his blood is other colour than red.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lantern Festival

The rain started right before we move table and chairs outside for a small gathering of lantern festival. I thought we won't be having any celebration as this year, my brothers in law not free due to relative (wife side) house warming and my sister in law was in Brisbane. However, my mother in law still go ahead by preparing some fruits, tea, moon cakes and yam even though only 6 of us, including 2 toddlers. But weather forecast don't really allow us to sit under the moon and enjoy foods together. Finally we decided to celebrate inside the house. See, that's how we lightened up the living hall with colorful lantern and eat our moon cakes. Not bad ler....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ants Evolution?

I'm not sure what had happened to ants nowadays.... I'm referring to red, tiny ant? They seems to be smart by "pretending dead" whenever they could sense enemy like me around, looking at them and knowing that I'm prepared to attack them anytime. Probably they have invented a longer "antenna" to sense moving object in 5ft distance, make self protection or evacuation when needed. If you don't mind, please help to do some test on the ants at your place and let me know whether all the ants are smart or just like human being, there are also low IQ people like me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Young Photograher

Audrey loves to be photographed. Not too long ago, she has learned to take photos using our digital camera. Sometimes we have to "fight" to use the only canon digital camera we have.

To our surprise, she could handle the camera quite well. This is proven from the photos taken and they are very artistic too. Share with you some of her "masterpieces".

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do they look alike?

What do you think? Do they look alike? Em..... Audrey doesn’t have double eyelid (at least for the time being, maybe it will appear in her older age like me) whereas Shannen is gifted an obvious double eyelid (daddy always claimed she is gifted with the perfect gene from daddy…chek!).

"Y" On my Forehead

Audrey fell down from our bed one night. She claimed that we (me and hubby) kicked her down from the bed.... ha ha, she must be kidding! But I remembered the sound of something knocked on the floor that was very loud, followed by her big scream and cries.
Next morning, I found something weird appeared on her's a "Y". Why? Probably her forehead also "wondering" why she could fell down. Her My Montessori teacher even asked her who wrote a Y on her forehead and laughed after knowing the true story.

I Can Hold My Own Milk Bottle....yupeeeee

My little gal is able to hold her own milk bottle now...... after few times training conducted by her daddy. We are more relax now as we can do some minor work (read newspaper, hang or fold cloth, sms, etc) while monitoring her own feeding. Of course sometimes we got to guide her to reach the last few drops or when the bottle just slipped off her fingers.