Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm Back .....

Halo, wondering why I'm so quiet since last week? He he... I was away for vacation. Will catch up with you all soon after fully recharge. Don't worry, will definitely post photos on places I've been. Stay tune!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Farewell Dinner

I’m busy these few days for our Farewell Dinner preparation. Yup, this will be the last dinner held by company even though they have postponed the official closure to end of Feb next year. As people will start leaving company end of next month, management decided to held it tomorrow night.

The budget for this dinner is only 1/3 of previous years allocation, we are so disappointed but still wish to make it as great as it could. No lucky draw but a good value of lucky dips will be organized this time. We used to have lucky draw and lucky dips concurrently last time, but since I never have chance to be the luckiest one all these while, it makes no different for me ..... :P

My colleague passed me a copy of Auld Lang Syne lyrics yesterday and asked all committee to practise singing it. I remember singing this song twice in my whole life. First time during my primary school (Std Six) graduation ceremony and second time during secondary school (Form 5) graduation ceremony. And tomorrow night will be my third time singing this song, haiiiiiii........ I don't actually like this song, it makes me feel so hard to say goodbye to everyone.

Will post more after tomorrow night dinner.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Naughty Faces

Audrey purposely made a few naughty faces to me when I asked her to pose nicely for my photo shooting. As I told you earlier, she likes to take photo. She will never reject when we required her to stand still with a smiling face since toddler.

As she grows up now, she will creatively do some posing when facing camera. She told me that she learnt it from tv (must be from the advertisement). After each snap, she will come to me to check the outcome. Acting like those adult for quality check. If ko, she will ask to take one more. Sometimes she even commented the photo looks so nice and pretty. I pretends fainted when heard this ....... end up with laugh!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yahoo! Grabbed 4 free tickets!

I knew the internet connection to Air Asia website will be hundred time slower or even stay tuned once the news of free one million air ticket being released 2 days ago. But I was still lured to join the crowd as I wish to get some sponsor for my dream destination, Bangkok.

I've being trying to search for date to Bangkok ever since yesterday morning (working while surfing or the other way round... :P), but don't even got chance to go further after choosing the destination. A bit disappointed. So after reached home, I immediately sat in front of hubby's computer to try my luck again.

With my patience, finally I managed to grabbed 4 free air tickets to Bangkok next year. We paid total RM572 for 4 tickets and the cost includes airport tax, charges for luggage up to 15kg, goinsure premium and something call 'convenience fee' which is new to me. Air Asia is introducing new cost to the customer in order to compensate the admin fee and fuel charges they had waived some months back???

Ok, back to this 'convenience fee', what does it mean actually? If not mistaken, it was explained that it is the fee incurred due to the conveniences that you get when you book and pay air ticket online. But I still don't understand nor agree why we need to pay for "conveniences".

However, the total cost is still very much lower. We could save up to nearly RM700 if compare to normal low fare tickets. Yahooooo! :)

Ops, let me tell you, all these 4 tickets are not going to fly 4 of us for a holidays next year. They are for my parents, my sister and myself. Ha ha..... we are going to explore Bangkok with two old folks. Hubby doesn't like to go Bangkok. He is still thinking that Bangkok is a place for "shopping kaki" only. I'm gonna prove him wrong after my trip there. He he!

SOS Rescue Cream

I came to know about this cream from my sister in law. She recommended it to us when Shannen got a few mosquitoes bites around her body. After two to three times applying it, the red mosquitoes spot get healed.

This is what I'm looking for, a 100% bio actives and essential oil that will not harm our body skin (especially for toddler) yet effectively heal the affected area without leaving any marks/scar. Besides, I also apply it to heal some unknown scratches or rashes on my girls's skin (even Shannen was only 4 months old). I just simply like and trust the cream as it always give me satisfaction after each use.

This is what written on the outer box.

"Esmeria skin rescue cream is a handy first aid cream for minor cuts, burns, insect bites, acne spots, inflamed or infected rashes. It features a potent blend of Australia Tea Tree and New Zealand Manuka oils for protection against bacteria and acting as an excellent antiseptic."

For more info, you may visit Esmeria website.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wedding Gift To Guest

Do you notice that nowadays there are trend on giving away small gift from wedding host to their guests as a token of appreciation during wedding dinner? The gifts are usually being pre-placed on the table for each guest. I personally like the idea so much. Too bad that we didn't organize anything for our guest during our wedding dinner :( emm... I think only a small choc bar from the restaurant on that night, :P

So now whenever attending wedding dinner, I'm looking forward to bring back something nice (wow.... sounds bad and greedy hor) and to keep it nicely in my drawer. I even unwrap it so that it will always in its perfect condition.

From left : Key chain (red and white) from my cousin brother (Kenny). Another key chain (wedding couple) from hubby's cousin brother (Seng).

From left : Spoon with ribbon and thank you note from hubby's colleague. Half egg shape of candles in a small box from my ex-colleague (Cecilia). I've been keeping this for 4 years.

From left : Mum gave these 2 nice saucers to me. She got it from my cousin brother's wedding dinner in S'pore. I like these so much! Isn't it cute? Another unique wedding gift from a friend (TC & Mevis).

Any couple out there scratching head thinking of gift for your guest, you may visit here for some ideas.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wedding Month

We were tight up with wedding dinners since beginning of Oct. For four consecutive weeks, we have been busy attending wedding dinner invited by friend, colleagues and relatives. This is not the end yet, 2 more dinners to go before end of this year. Huh.... goodbye my hard earn money....... Hubby claimed it's time for us to pay back ever since our wedding 6 years ago.

I like to attend wedding dinner especially when I have chance to meet up with friends and relatives. Our life is so busy that we hardly gather to talk and update each other news, so this is one of the way to pull us together again.

My 2 little angels has become the youngest 'chi mui' for their aunty's wedding last 2 weeks. They looks so lovely with the beautiful corsage on hand. At night, we went for dinner at Kepong. First time taking photo with their great grandma whom 'sayang' (love in English) both of them so much especially Shannen who always melt and win her heart.