Tuesday, June 30, 2009

tesa Last Durian Party

tesa has been organizing durian party since past 2 years. We had another one last Friday, this will be the last durian party organized by tesa before her shutting down. Everyone just put aside the sadness of the company future and enjoyed the party so much.

Beside 150pcs of durian, there were mangoesteen, rambutan and langsat, each 50kg. We have 2 voluntarily men to open the durian for everyone there. Pity them to be the first one to open the durian but the last to taste it..... this is tesa spirit. We finished everything in an hour and everyone shown a thumb up for it.

Em..... yummy! D24 & 101.

We gotta miss the party next year.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Clothes For Her....

He he…. I find another solid reason to go shopping now. Audrey needs new clothes as I find many of her clothes inside the wardrobe couldn't fit her, she grows! It’s time to replace and keep her old clothes inside the box before passing down to her sister. Poor Shannen, got to wear her sister’s old clothes (still in good condition) for at least next few years. Not only garments, but her sister’s shoes and toys also will be passed down to her to save mummy’s pocket.

This remind me when I was young, I used to be the one who always got 2nd or 3rd hand garments from all my elder sisters. No choice I’m the youngest daughter in the family, I understand why my mum would not like to spend new items on me. And today, I’m still having the pleasure to screen through and bring back some unwanted clothes from my 3rd sister. Most of her unwanted clothes are in good condition, some even brand new and she got many reasons to give it away like not fitting her, out of fashion, colleagues/someone are having the same clothes, no chance to wear it & etc. I’m more than happier to get those FOC clothes from her every year end or during her spring cleaning. It save me a lot. Thanks!

Ops…drag too far already. Talking about getting new clothes for Audrey, wondering anymore sales coming these few weeks. Em….already have an idea where to shop for her new clothes……Branded Outlet at Ikano. I love the design of clothes they sell in this store and you will find the price quite reasonable except a half cut label being tagged on the clothes. Some people really care and mind of that but not me.

How about buying her clothes online? Em... I'm not convinced to do so without have it on hand (to turn around), feel it and try it to check the fitnesses. Am I too 'out'..... :P

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mummy, I can't see it.....

OMG, we just discovered Audrey is having eyes sight problem. Recently she did complaint her eyes were pain when studying. At first I thought she might probably be too tired and didn’t get enough sleep. But after my 3rd follow up on her about this, I suspected something wrong with her eyes sight. I wish it’s not true.
We did a test yesterday night by asking her to read alphabetical from big font to smaller font (like those poster used by Paediatric Ophthalmology). She can’t tell the alphabetical after reached certain level of font which I could see it clearly. It’s breaking heart news to us. I’m stunned for few minutes to figure out whether we can do something to get her eyes sight back to normal, just any…..

We will be bringing her to England Optical shop for eyes test tonight, will then decide whether to send her for eyes specialist (ISEC) in Mid Valley later on.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Unforgettable Day - 5th June 2009

No doubt I knew it much earlier, but still the official announcement fell on this date. Our MD and 2 others VP came and made announcement of closing down the plant in front of all the employee at about 3.10pm.

Everyone looked calm after being notified and it's within my expectation. But 3 of them (MD & VPs) looked a bit nervous and worried if workers can't accept the decision made by the board. Their worried are too much. Our workers are very timid and not outspoken especially facing "mat salleh". Of course, heroin is out there to speak on their behalf. But you need strong and collective response to make something miracle happen.

I could see some sad faces around. But due to the rumors went around before hand, no surprises for everyone when official announcement being released. One thing I noticed was when the shut down being announced followed by the severance package, no one could actually fight for reason of shutting down. I think the package has keep their mouth shut. Of course management did explained the reason was due to economic slow down that make us suffer but all the while we are doing well except for Q1'09 which recorded negative margin. We just couldn't understand the future vision the board have in mind.

After the gathering, some of the crews (ladies operator) who already been working here for at least 15 years cried out from their heart. They have hard feeling to close the factory.

How do I feel? After 9 years and 9 months working with this company, I never aspect this will be the 'ending' for her. When think of the effort we have put in the past years to make the company become profitable, and all this will soon turn to ash in another 6 months, my heart feels pain.

My plan? Em.....aggressively searching job now. Wish me luck.

tesa slogan : Says 'yes' to tesa........but why tesa says 'no' to us now? :(

Friday, June 19, 2009


Just have a quarrel with someone in the company. This fellow is so sensitive that he thought I like to find fault on him. Keep on saying that he lost credibility and trust to others due to my action taken last 2 days. Am I that powerful to make a management team member lost his trust to others so easily, em....I'm Power Puff Girl.

What I did was just counter checked on the work that he claimed already done and want us to issue official order and make payment to supplier. I think he's syndrome down. He thought for a job costs few thousand could be justified easily with his signature on the invoice. How can I talk to a fellow that got no brain? How to make him understand that we are MNC with proper procedure and policy to follow. I'm still thinking that I'm doing the right thing as per my job description and within my job responsibility. He's trying to twist around.
He said he feels so annoying when someone told him that I don't trust him. Come on, he himself shall think why I have such perception towards him. What have he done that make us (not only me) feel so? To me, it's very simple, if you think you didn't commit to any hanky-panky kind of thing, you shouldn't be threatened by others action. Unless "he got shit over his body", means done something not sincere/dishonest.
Our company got such a "future" also need to thank him for his contribution.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daddy's Gal

Every time when we go outing or shopping, hubby will be the one looking after his daughters, Shannen & Audrey as he know mummy will be busy keeping her eyes on something else. But now Audrey is big enough that we just let her move around as long as within our eyes sight. Furthermore, if with the presence of her cousin sister (Yen Yee), she will no longer following us holding our hands. So hubby's concentration now is on this little 'bulat'. She still requires our attention. Nowadays, she like to walk by her own without holding our hand. She doesn't feel scare if we are out of her eyes sight. She will just walking around to find us. Unlike her sister, Audrey who will start crying when she can't see us when she was at Shannen's age.

Shannen is 'generous' in giving kisses to daddy when being requested. Daddy will then show off happily to mummy.... :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taman Warisan Pertanian

We were stretching our heads for places to go last two weekend. Due to it will be quite a big group of us, we wish to find a place that is less crowd and preferable we are not there before. At last, my BIL suggested we go Taman Warisan Pertanian located at Putrajaya and later on we can have our dinner at Alamanda.
This parkland was actually a big land that plant many different type of tropical fruits. For 'sua ku' people like me, I find it quite interesting as I could see the fruits trees that I might not been seeing so far. We walked along the pathway to see the fruits trees. For each type of fruits, they have allocated piece of land for it. Visitors are not allowed to pick or plug the fruits because all the fruits there are meant for selling to visitors (fruits stall located at the entrance). All of us especially the children enjoyed exploring this land.

Ciku's tree

Jackfruit's tree

Noni's tree

The weather was warm and sunny even though it's 6pm. All of us were sweating and hungry. So we decided to stop halfway without completing the whole journey. Since it's free entry, we can come back as and when we like.

Dinner at Penang Village (Alamanda)

Shannen so excited as food will be served soon


Penang fried rice...... another thumbs up!

Our next target will be the Taman Botani.....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Perth, Western Australia (Last Day)

We woke up at 4am today when everyone was still enjoying their sweet dream under the warm blanket, no choice our flight was 7.00am. Again felt so sorry to Mr.& Mrs.Wong as they also got to wake up so early.

Mrs.Wong prepared some simple breakfast for us before Mr.Wong sent us to airport. We appreciate their hospitality and kindness so much and promised to bring them for Kajang's satay (his son favorite food) when they are back to Malaysia again next time.

This was truly a wonderful trip. Goodbye Perth! I will be back........

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Perth, Western Australia (Day 6)

Before we leave Perth the next day, we planned to buy some souvenirs today. Ops....I'm yet to see any koala bear and kangaroo (beside those dead body and some wild kangaroo while driving down south). So, we decided to visit Perth Zoo. Ha ha......

Firstly, Mr.Wong drove us to a hardware shop.....no, it's big and should be a warehouse. This is the biggest hardware warehouse we have been. You can find everything and anything you need or you don't. The warehouse is even bigger than Tesco. After getting what he wanted, we moved to Swan Valley for lunch and buy some honey from a bee's farm.

After that, Mr.Wong sent us to Perth Zoo. Yeah.... don't you think it's weird to go zoo at our age without bringing our children? He he.... what to do? We paid AU$19 (RM50) per pax for entry fee. Huh.... expensive hor? Never mind, we willing to pay for you, koala bear. Mr.Wong's children said we were lucky to see an awake koala. This is because koala usually sleeps 16 hours in a day.

Hungry tiger.... keep on knocking the window glass when walk close to people.

Find this cute tree, name "sausage tree".

Due to we missed out an important tourist attraction yesterday, we planned to go there after this. So we explored the zoo in an express way. Roughly in 2 hours time we finished our task and took a bus to the city center again. We were trying our best to reach there before they close for the day. Luckily, we arrived just 15 mins before they close, it's Perth's Mint. This is the place where you can watch gold pour but unfortunately we missed the 'train'. There are schedule for tour in The Perth's Mint. At first I thought the tour is free but answer is no. If not mistaken, they are charging AU$22 per person for 30 to 45 mins tour. Don't you think it's expensive?

In front of The Perth's Mint

This was the last stop for today. Really tired!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Perth, Western Australia (Day 5)

It's Mother's Day today.

Feel so 'pai seh' to disturb Mr.Wong and his family as they have 2 strangers to celebrate Mother's Day together this year. They were celebrating this special day by treating Mrs.Wong a delicious dim sum at Six Happiness located in city. It's our pleasure to join them. We bothered them so much today as they got to drive 2 cars to city for brunch. The traffic law there is very strict. 5 person in a car means only 5 and you can't tolerate even hand carry one more baby (fyi, toddlers below 2 years must be seated inside a car seat). So we can't squeeze everyone inside a car even the car is big enough to cater 7 of us like how we usually did in Malaysia.

The restaurant open at 10am but by the time we reached (around 10.30am), it was already full house. We took a number and wait outside for almost 20minutes. The waiting crowd getting bigger by the time our number being called. By looking at the crowd, we must agreed that this restaurant serves very tasty dim sum even we are yet to taste because comparing to the next door restaurant which only half of the tables being occupied. Emm....yummy, we are truly satisfied with the dim sum they served. I like the 'fried mini fish' with egg inside and 'fried baby crab' so much.

After the brunch, Mr.Wong brought us to the city centre and guide us the route for sightseeing and shopping. With the map on hand, we won't be losing our way. We assured them and they left us to explore the city by our own.

We walked from one corner to the other as per the route suggestion inside the map. I think we have marked a record of 5km walking distance in Perth City. *Phew*. Even though I find it quite tiring but it was a nice and relaxing experience. My only complaint : both legs' muscles were exhausted and so painful.

London Street

Swan Bell

Government Council

St.George's Church

Inside St.George's church (I'm so excited as this was the first time I went to a proper 'church' like we usually see from movie and it's so amazing)

Inside St.George's church. It's so unique

This is not statue but real women!

Time to go home now. We will be taking LRT and bus to go back to Mr.Wong house by our own. Not a problem at all. People there are helpful and there have a good safety environment, so we don't have much worried. Unlike Mr.Wong, he worried that we might taken the wrong bus or miss the bus station where we suppose to stop, he purposely walked to the bus station and wait for us. A big thanks to him!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Perth, Western Australia (Day 4)

Today, we have a local tour guide (Mr.Wong) to bring us explore few places around Perth City.

After having breakfast, our first stop was Market City. What is so special about this market until Mr.Wong think we shall pay a visit as usually tourist won't be coming here? This is a market distributing all sort of goods or shall I say grocery for resell purpose. It's just like our Selayang Market. The only differences are they only open to public every Saturday (to get rid off those balance stuff before they off on Sunday), they sell everything in box, tray or bulk and you will find majority of buyers are Asean. Why? Asean like to pay little for more things, to increase profit especially for those who run business in restaurant or even for housewife, they can save money through some good deal over there. Mr.Wong said you will not find yourself in "ang mo" country as you can see so many Asean here.

One big basket of apple costs AUS10-15.

Not sure what kind of fruit is this, AUS20/tray.

Walnut : AUS10/bag

Mushroom : AUS30/box and Persimmon : AUS20/tray (price drops as it's getting late)

After that, we went to Kings Park, a reserved garden at Perth city center. This delightful parkland is big and you feel so greats and comfortable walking around. The grass there was so green and soft. For natural lover like us, we enjoyed the peacefulness there so much.

Perth City, view from Kings Park

Next, we drove to University Of Western Australia (UWA). To study overseas used to be my dream. Since I've missed the chance, I felt so good to walk around there for some fresh air. UWA is the oldest and one of the famous university in WA. I wish my girls will have opportunity to study here one day.

University Of WA

Then we moved to Fremantle which took about 45 minutes drive from the city. We arrived Fremantle before noon and straightaway went to Fremantle Market for shopping. This is another market that only open on certain day. From here, you are able to find many different types of souvenirs with reasonable price.

Fremantle market, selling all kind of fruits.

Restaurant Cicerello's

Anyone who visited Fremantle will definitely try their famous food, fish and chips. Mr.Wong told us that his children like the fish and chips here so much and find it's the best. So how can we miss that? We went to a restaurant called Cicerello's for fish and chips. The restaurant was full of people and luckily we managed to find places to sit. This is a self service restaurant, we have to queue up for order and to collect it when it's ready. The business was so good and we have waited for almost 1/2 hours to get our food. Emm..... the fish was fresh and so tasty. This was the first time we use bare hand to eat fish & chips and chili mussels, no cutlery at all.

After filling up our stomach, we left Fremantle and heading towards Lake Monger. From far, I could see a lot of "black spot" floating on the lake. Wondering what was that? When come closer, it's black swans! Lake Monger is a natural attraction and home to the famous black swans. All the black swans here are being protected. They were so friendly and weren't afraid of human. They walked closer to us for photo shooting...... cheeseeeee!

This is our last stop before we wrapped up today's itinerary.

*Mr.Wong brought us to an Asean food court for dinner. If you miss curry laksa, cantonese fried mee, Kajang satay, chay kuai teow, bak kut teh, etc, you could have it all here. And if you are home sick (for those migrated), you will feel better as you can find some home feeling from here too.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Perth, Western Australia (Day 3)

"We are late again today" I told hubby when we were moving our luggage to the car. The car park which were full yesterday night was nearly empty this early morning, 7.30am. Wondering the people staying in the same hotel has adapted to the culture here, 'start the day early and come back early too'. Not really our style. We tend to wake up late and sleep late.....agree?

After having sandwitches for breakfast at Subway, we took out our map and drove to Smith Beach, Yallingup. To our surprise the beach was so beautiful. I think the weather also help to contribute to beautify the scenery. Another sunny day with blue sky but windy. I still can feel it so cooling even with my jumper.

After spending nearly an hour there, we moved to another attraction, Eagle Bay. I'm not sure why it was called Eagle Bay as no eagle around, only a light house. I don't see any value added to visit a light house that cost me AU$15 per person. We just mingle at the entrance for some photo shooting before we move to Sugarloaf, a heart shape rocks.

Bushfire happened in Feb, luckily the light house is safe.

Can't really see the heart shape rock from this angle.

We enjoyed driving so much as the road was built along the sea side. You can easily have the sea view while driving, it's so different.

Since we got to travel back to Perth by late afternoon, we started our journey back a little earlier. Another approximately 330km to reach Perth, whoaaa..... !

We leaved message to Mr.Wong to pick us up from the car rental center as we need to return the car today. The office closed by 5pm so we were informed earlier to just dropped the car key inside a "drop key" box located outside the building. Do you think this unofficial way of returning car is safe?

After jumped into Mr.Wong's car, he drove us back to his house. Yes, we will be spending the remaining nights at his house.

We received a warm welcome from his family before dinner. We have not been eating rice for 3 days! So our stomach were truly satisfied with the dinner. Later on, we gathered for tea and fruits. Besides chit chatting, we also planned itinerary for the next day.