Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fullhouse, Oh Yes!

I found a very lovely restaurant located at Sunway Pyramid. The name of this restaurant is FULLHOUSE. This is a special place where you could dine in as well as doing a little shopping inside. The color theme of this restaurant is white. We are just like sitting inside a white castle, having a sip of coffee with some delicious cake. You may have visited this restaurant but I would like to recommend it to those haven't. It was a thumb up for our first visit.

Try it out if you think the following photo impressed you.

This is one of the deco corner inside Fullhouse, very English style.

We ordered chicken wings, yummylicious. And the box standing beside was to pack some leftover cake. The box still with me even the cakes have gone.

Our tea break, taste good.

Cakes are not bad too especially green tea cheese cake.

Last but not least, our two little princess busy shooting photo with those cartoon statute.

We pay less than RM50 for all the above.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Japanese Ice-Cream

We went to Sunway Pyramid last weekend and I was attracted by this food corner serving Japanese Ice-Cream. You know, my hubby is kind of people who will never pay for "imported food" as he claimed that we are paying for the expensive freight instead of the quality food. However I insisted of trying this as the bill will be paid from the RM50 cash given by the company for my birthday (even I just join them for 2 months.....hehe).

We bought 1 cup of cranberry + strawberry ice cream and 1 cone of strawberry for Audrey, cost us nearly RM20 for both.

We were not eating ice cream but fruits blended with ice indeed. Pretty disappointed... huh. However people on diet may like it as it's contain natural sweet from the fruits and with very little cream. Too bad, we got a sour strawberry that day..... :(

It's definitely not my cup of tea.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pray For Her

I was shocked and depressed when I was told by a friend of mine that another friend in our group is confirmed having breast cancer, stage 2. So a lunch has been organized last weekend just to get together again for some updates, main purpose was to raise our concern to our friend who will be undergoing operation to remove the cancer cell next week. In another words, one of her breast will be removed.

We were sad to hear her story on how she discovered her illness and besides giving her little advice; we also expressed our full support to her. To my surprise, she doesn’t looks depressed. In fact she is brave, accepted the fact what the God has arranged for her, optimistic (as she is still planning oversea trip when recover) and get her self prepared (look around for wig hair….she told us for those made by real hair cost more than RM1k). Perhaps her strong spirit is to believe appeared due to her supportive hubby.

Operation is just a process to remove the cancer cell, following up after that is chemotherapy which to most of them the toughest treatment for the cancer patient. No appetite, vomit, weak, drowsy, lost hair, etc. I pray for her to lessen her pain.

Until now she is still worrying her work as nobody could back her up during her medical leave. Ya…. she is “one leg kick” kind of employee to her company. I raised a little of my voice when I knew about her concern. The most important things for her to do now are to rest, rest and rest. Her worried will not help her to get rid of the bad cell and somehow may make things worst. This is what the company has given her after so many years of service (stressful working environment) despite no increment for past 4 years.

As a mother, her greatest concern is her only son. She is the tutor, mentor, inspector and reminder for her 10 years old son especially guiding him for school work. Her son is depending too much on her. We told her to let go the responsibility and it’s time for her son to be independent.

Women oh women, why we have so much of worries but none of it is for our health?

Saturday, July 31, 2010

In Silent Mode

Sorry for not updating my blog for more than 1 month. Thanks for your patience to revisit here again. Ya ya..... I'm still alive here and struggling my working life too.

I'm in low battery mode after coming back from work everyday. So I will knock off in less than 3 minutes while the kids still actively playing on the bed with their soft toys.

And when come weekend, I like to charge myself with a long afternoon nap. Feel fresh after that, that's how I spend my weekend nowadays. Pretty boring but I like it as I can cut down outing which usually ended up at shopping mall. Save my hard earn money too .... ha ha! But mega sales is out there now.... "leg itch liaw".

Really looking forward for next month end for long holidays. Employee is like that mah.... hoping month end for salary and looking forward for holidays, yahoo!

Will try to update my blog more often.....hopefully! Don't worry, fore sure I'm following your blog even I hardly leave my comment here.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm A Lazy Staff

Working at a far distance from home wasn't easy, what's more for a women with family (especially with 2 demanding girls). Actually I was prepared for that after spoken to hubby before we agreed to accept the job. I'm grateful as he is fully supporting me to take up the challenge by voluntarily sending Audrey to kinder garden and Shannen to babysitter on his way to work. Therefore he has been late to work for the past week. Maybe start next week, I shall be sending Shannen early morning to babysitter so that it could save some time for him.

Working in a big company wasn't easy. It may takes you years to know every colleagues even though we are under the same roof for 9 hours per day. My department colleagues work very late almost everyday, they work until 8-9pm and some of them even come back on Saturday. I feel like an 'alien' while walking out from the office after working hours. Ha ha ha..... But I don't care, I also need my personal time for myself and my family. What a bad discipline employee am I, ..... don't let my boss know I'm a lazy staff!

Monday, June 21, 2010

My New Working Life Starts Today

Not working for almost 4 months, I truly enjoyed being a full time housewife so far. Fully understood now why some of my friends could stay away from work but still find their life full of excitement.

Today marks the 1st day of another working journey in my life. I'm nervous but excited and happy as finally I was being hired again.... yahoo!

This is my 3rd company I'll be working for after graduated 11 years ago. Don't you think I'm a loyal employee? Hem hem....actually I'm lazy to find new job and don't really like to start all over again in a new environment.

I never ever think that I could travel so far from home to work at this new place which takes at least 40 minutes to reach by paying expensive toll fares and sometime it could take me 1.5 hours one way during bad traffic time.

I told hubby for so many years we were lucky as my previous company was not very far from home and due to advantages of reverse traffic that have saved my traveling time, I was the one responsible to send and pick up our daughters without him rushing back home from work. Stress release for him.

It's time to change the job routine since my new working place is far as compared to his office now. Hopefully we could manage to adjust our timing and reach home in time to fetch our daughters by either one of us. Another headache will be our dinner. No more home cook meals by then. Maybe need to cater or just 'ta pau' (take away) from food stall, at least for the first month.

Who dare say it's not difficult to be a working housewife, a working mother of 2 kids, a working women for a family....... Don't you think you guys are the luckiest man at home?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Dumpling" Foot

In the event of "Dumpling Day" celebration, my left foot also wanna looks like 'dumpling' ..... ha ha! Actually we fell down from staircase on our way to swimming pool yesterday. Ya...we, myself and Audrey, both fell down together. Luckily no injury for Audrey but for myself, I wrenched my foot.

In fact I fell when I tried to pull her up when she missed her final step before reaching the floor. It happened in just a second, so I'm still scratching my head how it could happen.

I was suffering from the pain yesterday night .... *sob sob*. Couldn't walk.

I feel much better now after visiting the traditional massage doctor this morning. And my foot ended up being wrapped like a "dumpling". Thank god the sprained foot is not so serious as commented by the traditional doctor. Less walk will make the sprained foot recover faster.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let me help you...k?

I don't understand how my little gal could give her hand in helping her sister to brush her teeth yet she is the one always need help from us..... *head shaking*. And strange enough that Shannen let her sister to help her this time whereby this stubborn girl of mine doesn't even let me to brush her teeth, she wants to do it by her own.

I was surprised to see both of them brushing teeth that night, che che helping mei mei with full cooperation from mei mei . I stood outside the washroom to witnessed this "night in history".

Che che :''ok, now open your mouth big big. Yes....good"
Without much fussy, mei mei opened her mouth and let che che brushed her teeth.
Che che :"good, now say eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" while brushing her front teeth.

Ha ha ..... Sometimes they could just click to each other nicely and peacefully without me acting like a referee to put up my whistle when any of them screaming for help.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some Updates

I'm feeling lazy to update blog these few days..... when you stop doing something for too long, it's hard to start the engine again, just like a car getting hard to start after not driving for sometimes. Ouch... I need to keep the momentum up.

Still no updates for my interview thus far ...... fingers still crossing tightly.

We enrolled Audrey to the holidays programme organized by My Montessori during this school holidays. We paid RM75 for one week activities which includes 2 outings, 1 baking, handcraft for father's day (oh...father's day around the corner), art painting, music and dance. And yesterday was their first outing to Fruits-land located at Semenyih. She came home with an exhausted face and complaint that both her legs were painful. Perhaps she walked too much and played too hard over there. However she was very happy and excited about the outing. Kept on telling me this and that, she nearly fall asleep inside her teacher's car on the way back.

As for Shannen, not sure whether I shall send her to the holidays programme for 2-3 years group this time. Pity her not getting chance to mix with other kids for play and fun. I only worried that she will be tagging along her sister and refuse to join her group. Em.... maybe shall give her a try next holidays.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Interview Week

I've been busy lately due to a fully scheduled job interviews last few days, one more scheduled next week. I'm so stressed and tired. I've got to prepare myself for each interview. First, need to googled the destination as I'm not familiar with the road direction in KL, always get confused. Secondly, got to check the company profile and background. Thirdly, need to arrange someone to pick up Audrey from kinder garden.

No doubt I felt tension this whole week, but I'm also happy because at least this busy week gave me some hope of being hired (after sitting at home for months). Not sure whether I will get any offer from any of these companies, updates only by next week. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bird's Nest

This was the first time Audrey seeing bird nest in close up (first time for mummy as well) after she was told and shown by my friend while paying visit to her house the other day. It was amazed how bird could build their nest so neat with just using dry leave. Not only that, it's also durable to hold bird's egg inside before it churn out as baby bird.

This is something rare that we don't see it so often. So I considered that we were lucky to have seen it that day.

Mummy bird was away to find food or perhaps building another bigger nest for the new member.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bangkok Trip Cancelled

By right (if following our planned schedule), we are supposed to arrived Bangkok yesterday for shopping and sight seeing, perhaps having some fresh coconut in such a hot weather now. Ai.... too bad, I'm still here at home as we got to hold on our trips due to demonstration performed by the anti-government protesters at the central of Bangkok (heart of shopping heaven).

We are lucky that we could change our flight without any 'change fee' that usually air asia will imposed, that itself cost us few hundred RM. However we are still struggling to decide on a new date as we need to consider the different on the air fare that we need to top up. Or shall we just change to other destination since Bangkok's politic is not stable and war ending in no date. Headache.... headache......

Due to the AirAsia Free Seats promotion just kick off, overwhelming response has slower down their site many many many times. What a disappointment? No choice, got to keep on trying and trying........ wish me luck.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Beautiful Day!

What will you see first thing in the morning after you wake up from your bed? Beside seeing your lovely husband/wife's face, beside seeing your baby who is still sleeping soundly, will you get to see the nature of earth with so much of green surrounding you? I do.

I could smell the fresh air when I open the window, see the birds swiftly and hear them chirruping. I often forecast the weather by looking at the sky,'s a sunny day again. I like to see the clouds covering part of the mountain far on the other side.

I always starts my day with a beautiful scene, how about you?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Like Flower

I like flower to the max. Guess you already know which type of flower that I like the most. Ar...? Don't know ar? Ai yo yo...... just look at my blog header you will get the answer.

I need to buy flowers for prayer twice a month, hence I got a little excited to go to the flower stall at market and choose the most fresh and beautiful flower each time. I bought this 2 weeks ago, I quite like the color of this flower. Upon replacing water inside the vase, I just can't resist to snap this eye catching flower, it's so beautiful!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Phiew! It's done.

I'm scratching my head since last month as I don't know what to give as his birthday present. Yes, it's my home minister's birthday. Really headache to think of something he like and affordable by me at this moment. Ai yo yo........ Unlike ladies, we already have a wish list containing hundred of things that we don't need. You name it, we are happy to have it. Ha ha.....

So finally, I decided to make a cheese cake for him. A homemade cheese cake from a 'half' skillful wife, and with a little help from his beloved daughter too.

And after about 2 hours sweating in the kitchen, finally the cheese cake is ready for the birthday man. Hope he likes it and we (mummy and the 2 angels) would like to wish you 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Housekeeping Habit

I must praised my 5 years old girl this time for having a good habit to house keep her bookshelf on and off. Her daddy always claimed that her good habit is inherited from her mummy, er hem.... adjusting my shirt's collar :P .

Ever since I was young (primary schooling age), I already helped out my mum on daily house chores. Floor sweeping & mopping, window glass cleaning, hang washed clothes, clean up dishes and etc. But I'm lucky to have 3 elder sisters whom will take up most of the tough house chores and left some simple one for me. But I got to absorb the work slowly when they get married one by one ..... sob* sob*

Audrey even said I'm like 'Cinderella', not that I will be granted a nice evening gown nor glass shoes from a fairy. It's simply because she saw me doing so many house work while herself and mei mei are like step sister to Cinderella, relaxing on sofa for cartoon. Ha ha......

However I find it quite important to train our children to 'love' doing house chores when they are young. At what age do you think it's a good start to train them? To me, I think as soon as they start messing up our living room with their toys, they should be taught to keep the toys for next play. Audrey does a good job most of the time after each play unlike her mei mei who hardly keep her toys. In fact we got headache to train Shannen to keep her toys.

Audrey also starts helping me to fold her own clothes (upon my request), wash non greasiness dishes when I'm busy cooking or baking and keep empty containers inside cabinet. She is my good helper sometimes.

Audrey snapped this photo of her 'after house keep bookshelf' and proudly show it to me. I gave her a thumb up sign and praised her good girl.

Shannen could sense that I'm complaining her in this blog. When I'm done with this post, she took out the floor mop and told me that she wants to mop the floor. Ha ha .... look at her... *head shaking*!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Nanny 911" on Ntv7

We have been watching Nanny 911 twice (2 different series) and we love watching it together, yes with my two little girls. Of course Shannen will not pay full concentration to the show but Audrey does. She even put up her questions to us along the show.

In summary, this is all about the show :
Nanny 911 is a new unscripted series that follows a team of nannies armed with the dos and don'ts of child-rearing. Each nanny has a specific area of expertise (both series that we watched were handling by Nanny Deb, she is super), ranging from proper etiquette to controlling temper tantrums, and all are ready to help exhausted parents tackle the issues creating chaos in their home and whip their families into tip-top shape.

Looking at those family with more than 4 siblings, daddy working and leave all of them to mummy during day time, no maid, no helper. I'm kind of relief to compare myself with them. You can't imagine how bad was the situation until you watch the reality show. I told hubby if I were the mummy, probably I'll be holding 'rotan' all day long or I'll get mad, heart attack and die finally. But I think most of you are aware that physical punishment towards kids is illegal in overseas. Parents can only explain, consult and advise them to the "don'ts". How lucky are kids staying overseas..... he he!

Watch the show and you will know what I'm talking here. If you are interested, you may turn to Ntv7 channel every Monday 8.30pm.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Child Abuse.....?

I received call from my baby sitter yesterday morning saying that my little gal fell down in the toilet. I was panic as I thought it must be serious that made her to called me immediately. After talking to her asking how she fell and how serious was her injury, I was kind of relief when she told me the edge of her left eye was a little bruised. No cut, no bleeding. Phiew......

How she could fell inside toilet? Auntie told me Shannen purged her milk therefore she carried her to the toilet and she went out to fetch some hot water to shower her. So most probably she fell due to the floor slippery when she walked inside the toilet by herself. She knocked on the edge of the water pail. So immediately auntie used hot towel to soothe her pain and swollen.

I got a shocked to see my gal's eye got swollen and red. Just like being punched by someone. Do you think it looks like those child abuse photo publish in the newspaper. Oh... my poor little gal.

To really make sure that she fell down by her own and to stop my imagination of her being abused, I interviewed her how she got injured. She told me (in Cantonese) , "em siu sam lor (careless lor) ...... hang hang hang (walk walk walk), tit tou (fell down), kok tou lor (and knocked). Daddy got a big shocked too when he saw his dearest gal with swollen eye. He took out OSIM's instant heat compress soothing gel to remove the bruised.

I don't know why this gal of mine suffered so much of pain from falling down. She have fallen from our bed when she was just 4 months old. In her aged of 7 months, she already had 5 times fallen down from our bed record. We took preventive action from one fell to another, but somehow we failed to stop her from falling.

We named her 'big sweet potato'. She easily fell when she runs, maybe due to her careless and weak stamina. You know, she fell and injured her teeth and lips twice last month, bleeding of course. Ai yo.... we thought of wrapping her with some protective cloth or put helmet on her at home to safe guard.

Mummy will pray for you and hope you will become healthy and free from pain from now on.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Job Fair (16 - 18 Apr'2010)

We went to Job Fair last Friday, 1st day of the fair. Thought of avoiding crowd during weekend and also thought early bird like us will definitely catch a 'fat' worm. Mana tau the moment we reached (sharped at 10am), we saw people everywhere at the convention hall. A long queue already being formed for those who already registered online. And those who are yet to register, they got to fill up the form at another counter before checking in.

I'm not sure the purpose of 'checking in' to the fair which had created human jammed at the entrance. So I asked one of the event organizer crew who were helping to view the sms confirmation code and gave a sticker to paste on before entering the hall. But too bad, I still don't get him.

There were over 100 companies participated and set up their booth at the fair. I was happily going through booth by booth, checking with the staff for job opportunities. Hmmmm...... I would say the vacancies are mostly for field like engineering, finance & accounting, HR, sales & marketing. Oh no, I hardly find a company that are looking for procurement/purchasing, planning position &#@%. What a disappointment fair to me! Haizzzzz.......

However I just dropped in my CV to those company that I wish to work for, hoping they will still remember to call me when their are suitable vacancy in the future.

Finally early birds like us brought back some free gifts like bag, notepad, high quality ball pen, post it note, kiwi shoes polisher & disposable hand glove too .... ha ha.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's So Smelly?

One of the morning, I walked out from the study room and saw both of my girls were closing their nose using one hand and the other hand holding colour pencil and scissor respectively. Both of them looked funny........ Ei, wondering what and where the disgusting odour from?

Then I saw hubby doing this........


Ooooo.......... he was polishing his leather shoes. That's explained where the bad smell from.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Showing Angry?

Really "bo-lat" to see my little gal acting this way recently. Whenever she felt angry of not getting what she want either from me or her che che, she will be sitting one corner with her faced down (refer photo). She is trying to tell us that she is angry now. Sometimes she even muttering "I don't want to friend with you all, hung!". Could you believe a 2 years old girl already acting like that to show her anger ..... *slapping my forehead*.

But after I snapped photo of her angry look, immediately with a smiling face, she will move forward and request to preview the photo. Ha ha ha ..... turning her mood with just a click.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake

Since I'm not doing marketing neither having breakfast with my gang this morning, I decided to make a cheesecake. This is the first time I'm trying this new recipe. Not very difficult, you may want to try it out too.

Ingredients A :
250g softened unsalted butter
150g caster sugar
1/8 tsp salt

Ingredients B :
2 eggs
1 egg yolk

Ingredients C (sifted together) :
120g plain flour
20g cocoa powder
1/4 tsp double action baking powder

Cheese Batter (mixed well) :
250g softened cream cheese
70g caster sugar
1 tsp lemon juice
1 egg

Method :
1. Beat ingredient A until creamy. Add ingredients B (one egg at a time) and mix well.
2. Add ingredients C slowly until well mix.
3. Line your baking pan with greaseproof paper. Spoon cocoa batter and cheese batter alternately onto the pan and swirl it with a small knife for marbled effect.
4. Heat up your oven at 180 degree celsius for 5 minutes.
5. Then bake at 150 degree celsius for 50-60 minutes or until cooked. (if you are using big oven, you may turn to 180 degree celsius for 45 minutes).

Fresh from oven.

And this is my homemade Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake for tea break, anyone?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Her Reward

She was so happy to get her reward after so many attempt on trying to get full mark of her mathematics test (question done by her mummy). I came out this idea as one of the way to encourage her to learn counting (only plus and subtract for her age) as we found she is quite poor in counting. And I'm happy that it works on her. The reward has made her to follow the formula of plus and subtract and also how to double check her answer before submitting.

Every kids like ice-cream to the max. What a useful and all time works tool to make them do something that we want... ha ha ha!

Enjoying her Mini-Cornetto.

In order to get her reward, she must answer all the 5 questions correctly. And after trying so many set of questions (in total 35 questions she has done), finally she got her reward! Bingo!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sushi Zanmai, The Garden

We came here for dinner last Saturday. Audrey kept on saying that she wanted to eat sushi for dinner. And since we were at The Garden, so hubby suggested we tried this out. We passed by this Japanese restaurant twice last time and there were a long queue outside the shop. We are wondering why the restaurant got so many customers who are willing to wait to be seated. So we tried our luck hoping there wasn't long queue since it's only 6pm.

Finally we got our seat after waiting for 5 minutes. Too bad their air-cond were malfunction on that day, we could felt the 'warm' inside the restaurant. Audrey and Shannen were sweating during the dinner. Overall the foods were yummy, price also reasonable. I didn't snap any photo of the foods because of the atmosphere and I was busy using the menu to fan my gals beside filling up my stomach .... hungry ma.

However I would like to share with you this super yummy sushi that I ate for the first time and I think you could only find it from here. Crispy salmon sushi, the name of it. It serves with gravy at the bottom that tasted a little salty with light sour cream. There are mayonnaise and black sesame spread on the top of the sushi. Thumb up! It only cost RM12.80 per plate (6 pieces of sushi/plate).

After we finished our dinner, we found a long queue outside the restaurant. Now only we know why there is a crowd especially during weekend.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

We just came back from movie "Alice In Wonderland", not bad. I quite like the Red Queen especially her big round head and her heart shape lips.... ha ha ha, cute! Audrey enjoyed watching the movie, at least she never request for either tidbits, food, sweet, drink, etc during the show. She will demand all sort of food when she doesn't like certain movie, just to pass her time in cinema. She only requested a small piece of cake right after the show started, perhaps she was hungry.

Next coming up will be Toy's Story 3, but need to wait a bit longer. It will be released in June 2010.

Monday, March 29, 2010

How To Keep Your Valuable Things

How do you keep your valuable things at home, for instance your gold jewelry, diamond ring, cash, antique watches, etc? Here are some tips that I wish to share with you. If you have a better one, do let us know. Believe it or not, thieves are smarter than anyone of us. Only those stupid thieves will get caught and jailed.

Or do you prefer to use safety box? How safe can a safety box be? My former company safety box was no longer safe when it was burglarized, all the foreign currency notes gone.

I think the safer way of avoiding lost is don't keep too much of valuable things at home, am I right?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Do You Read Magazine?

I like to read magazine especially those feminine magazine so much. I don't mind reading past month magazine as long as it's new to me which I'm yet to read. My only request is that the magazine must in good condition.

I'm not sure whether you have such feeling like me. After reading those feminine magazine it does encourage me to love my body, to care about my skin, to treat my hair even better, to enjoy life and many more. I'm not only being revealed with the new fashion design, latest trend of handbag, new launch of skin product, customer review or feedback of current beauty product, more importantly I will also get their beauty advice and tips which I think its all time useful.

I truly enjoy the moment of reading a magazine without any disturb or interruption. Em.... if it comes with a cup of iced blended mocha, it makes my day perfect!