Thursday, July 30, 2009

MST Blog Already 1 Year Old

Wow...... how times fly without us realising it. Today, My Spring Tulips already 1 year old. I have been writing on this blog for 1 year already, never believe that I could make it until today.

In the past 365 days, I've been jotting down all the ups and downs happening around me, especially things that are related to my two angels. It's just like writing diary which I used to do during my teenage years but stopped for many years due to inconvenience of keeping tonnes of handwritten paper. Today, with the new technology, it has changed the way and life of those who like or dislike in writing diary to blogging.
I think many people own a blog nowadays. It's free (for blogspot) and quite easy to maintain it, so no harm creating one in order to connect with the world. I like blogging for the reasons of paperless concept, you could make it more interesting in the sense that can have picture or photos attached along every story, easily accessible and can share with friends from any corner of the world.
No doubt I've been blogging for 1 year, but I'm still lack of computer literature as well as knowledge about blogging (hosting own blog, how to do it? cost?). Forget about making money from blog, I'm not there yet. I just feel so envy to those who can really make their blog so organize, beautiful and attractive. My salute to them. How I wish I could improve My Spring Tulips to become a more professional and "my style" of blog that people enjoy reading it.

Happy 1 Year Old! MST

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthday Gift, Redeemed!

Never think of redeeming my birthday gift today as hubby just said that we will do some window shopping only to survey the gift that I want. Furthermore my birthday only falls on next month. Actually he already predetermined the type of gift that I should go for it, I'll need to confirm the brand and model that I like. Guess what he bought as my present? It's a wrist watch. All the watches that I have now were gifts from hubby. So do you think I shall hand the responsibility in buying me new watches to him in future?

We went to Pavillion, KL and entered almost all the watch shops, finding high and low for a simple and nice yet matching my request watch. Finally at the last watch shop that we stepped into, I found it. I would say it's like 'love at first sight'. I've chosen a watch from Victorinox Swiss Army, model Vivante. I find the watch matching me so much, be it the size, the design or the color. Emm....., perfect! Since I like it so much, hubby gave green signal that I can redeem it that day. So I made up my mind without further comparison. Thank you so much, my dear.

Tell you what, hubby birthday already past and I didn't buy him anything (I got no idea what to buy for him and when I asked him, he will always said 'no need la', so end up only a birthday meal). After I redeemed my gift today, he intended to redeem his overdue gift as well...... ha ha, like that also can ar?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Lovely Gal

What can a 16 months old gal does now?
1. Walk faster but not running, sometime can even falls down when imbalance.

2. Request food with a more precise word like "peng peng"- biscuit, "pao pao" - bread, "nien nien" - milk (Now, she even mentions "tang" means wait in Cantonese automatically after requesting for milk, just like how I responsed to her request) and a common word you can hear from her most of the time, "mum mum"....

3. When asking her simple questions in Mandarin like "zhi bu zhi tao", "hao bu hao" and "ok or not", she will always give her positive reply like "zhi tao", "hao" and "k". I like to tease her with all those questions again and again.

4. She can now pronouns single or two words especially when using food to tease her to follow what we say.

5. Show face and walk away when she is not happy...... ya, at this age.

6. Refuse to be carried and enjoys walking by her own regardless whether she is with her shoes.

7. Never feel nervous when walking alone and will be looking around to find us steadily when notice we are out of her eye sight.

(left photo) She knew I'm waiting her to face the camera but she just pretended nothing.

See how she makes her funny faces when we requested her to do so. Look at her big teeth.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life is Short

My uncle (Second Ah Yee's husband) passed away on last Saturday morning. What a shocking news?

I was told that he just discovered cancer cells in his lung 2 weeks ago and it was already at the 4th stage. He was a good man in the sense that he don't drink, don't smoke, don't gamble, take care of the family so much, wash her daughter car every now and then, help to clean the house and etc. He was such a perfect husband and father. Without much suffer, he left us at his age of 63. We are so sad of this sudden incident.

My cousin sister who is having confinement now couldn't see her father before his last breathe. She is not allowed to attend the memorial ceremony for some superstition reason. I can understand her feelings. She just came back from US beginning this year after 13 working years over there, she must be very regretful for not spending enough time with her father. Hope my aunt and her family members could take it over some time.
Life is short, isn't it?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Clothes For Her - Done!

Finally, get some new clothes for Audrey last 2 weeks. Got it all from Branded Outlet & F.O.C at Ikano. I like the brand of Little House from F.O.C. The design and materials are good and worth for the price we pay. Guess how much I paid for below total of 8 pcs clothes?

It's RM150++. I'm pretty satisfy with the deal even though it's not for myself. Feel a bit sorry to Shannen as we buy nothing for her..... :(

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Dream Garden

This is the place I’m dreaming to hop on one day….. Keukenhof Tulips Garden at Amsterdam, Netherlands. Keukenhof in Dutch means ‘kitchen garden’. It is the world’s largest flower garden. There are million of blooming flower bulbs being plant in the park and you could find majority are tulips flower (my favorite).

This garden only open for public from the 4th week of March to Mid May (check the exact date here). However the best timing to view tulips is around mid Apr, weather around that time will be in range of 5-15 degree Celsius. Em…very cooling. Not sure I could stand for it, hopefully I’ll not freeze.

When the day comes, I wish I could bring along a super duper camera to capture all the beautiful and fantastic flowers in the park. I’ve checked the air ticket from KLIA to Amsterdam, flying by KLM will cost around RM4200 (2 ways) per person. Wah… if the whole family are going, it will cost us a bomb. I’m just talking the air tickets alone, how about accommodation and food? Pengsan liaw……. No wonder hubby said if we plan to go Netherlands, might as well travel around other Europe countries to safe the air tickets cost. It's true also. So got to start saving big big money for my dream.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Amazing Effect

Never have time to really explore the website of this until today. Now, you can add effect to your photo and make it looks more interesting or funny with just a few clicks. I find it so powerful and the outcome is amazingly greats! I like it so much. You may want to try it out here too.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My 'King Of Fruits'

I've been eating a lot of durian past 2 weeks. This has broken my past 10 years record of eating durian. Due to the itch skin problem, I have been suffering from having only very little durian or sometime forcing myself not to take any. If you too a durian lover, you will know how suffer I'm to see people enjoying it while I could only smell it..... :(

This durian season really kills me. I'm so tempted to eat and eat. Totally forget about the itchness and enjoyed fully the joyful of durian moment. Hubby also never stopped me from eating durian this time, maybe he forgotten to do so..... he he I just pretended nothing happen.

We got many free durian from my colleague, Wee this year. How can I reject it! I feel so grateful to have her as my F.O.C durian supplier. Yesterday, my BIL took another 2 durians for us, it's from Batang Kali, species unknown. Will enjoy it tonight......

'Red scrimp' durian has no flesh in the middle when you open up. The flesh is more orangey as compared to normal species while the aroma smell is also stronger.

P/S : Kesian Wee, she doesn't like durian at all and doesn't even can stand the smell yet she got to bring it over for us so many times. Thank you so much!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Poka Dots Swim Suit

See how happy was my little gal with her new swim suit. Shannen looked nervous sitting on the aeroplane float. Audrey likes swimming more than Shannen, I feel so for the time being. Shannen refused to go down to the pool and play water like how other small kids do. She will start screaming and feel insecure even accompanied by his father. Unlike Audrey, when we first brought her to swimming pool at her aged of 18 months, she was so excited and starts kicking his leg. If you see that, you will probably thought she has gone for swimming class before.

Audrey has been requested a new swim suit long time ago, "Mummy, when I 5 years old you buy a sexy swim suit for me, ok mummy?". I nearly fainted when heard that. "Why must it be sexy?" I asked. "I like sexy mah...." she replied. Beh ta han! When I found her this 2 pieces in JJ, she was so happy and planned to go swimming the next day. This is my gal.

Che che was enjoying in the pool while meh meh still figuring out whether the water is cold or not, ha ha!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Durian Farm

I'm a durian lover. During our childhood, we used to eat durian day and night when the season started. Have you ever try "durian rice"? Em.....the taste still fresh in my memory. I remember that time, D24 is the best durian that you can find. But today there are lots more good durian out there. Most of it was mixed result with seed from durian trees. For instance, durian cultivars like 'red shrimp' and 'bamboo leg' are those top species with superior quality of flesh and of course it fetch higher prices in market .
This was the first time I've been so close to durian tree. All the while I only managed to sight it from far (there are few durian trees along the Cheras Kajang highway) and never got chance to stand close to it. So on last Saturday, I requested my colleague (Ms.Wee and her 'leng cai' hubby) to bring us to her's cousin brother durian farm located at Broga.

Broga is a very small town near Semenyih. There are a lot of durian farms around. Many outsiders come all the way to Broga for durian, hill climbing and also to visit and pai-pai 'Dato Shek Temple'. Ever since the relocation of Nottingham University to Broga, it has brought up the livelihood of the town.

Father and Mum were taking risk standing under durian tree..........better watch out.

These 2 little gals were glad to be there too.

Durians hanging on the branch. When it's going to drop??

Besides durian tree, I have the pleasure to see rubber tree too. Mother even commented the rubber tapping skills was not as good as hers. This can be seen from the incised tree. The tapped vessel was very rough.

Latex was being collected into a small bucket.

To me, it has been a fruitful visit. Of course we will not go back with 2 empty hands. My car was full of durian. Beside bringing back our order of 'red shrimp', we were also brought back some F.O.C durian from Wee & Steve. Thanks a lot!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 fruit.

While doing marketing last Sun, I found out the price of cherry has dropped from RM6/100gm last two week to RM4/100gm now. So I think it's worth to buy some as I missed it so much. If not mistaken, the cherry's price has gone up RM2/100gm ever since my last purchase last year. Not sure why it was so expensive as compared to other imported fruits like Australia grape (RM15/kg) or China rockmelon (RM6/kg). Maybe the supply is limited.

This plate of cherry cost me RM8.

Jay, perhaps you may want to share the selling price over there?