Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Virus Attacked Audrey

That's why I don't really agreed to send Audrey to day care center at her aged below 4. However at that point of time we got no choice because my aunt (use to be my baby sitter) went for a long holidays trip during my confinement.

She was attacked by viruses quite frequent ever since she enrolled to day care center. Flu and fever for few days follow by cough which could stay for weeks. We have a hard time considering sending her back to my aunt as we just can't seeing her suffering due to illness, worst her weight was declining. However, we still stick to our plan reason being she has learnt a lot from the day care and she is more cheerful now. She can sings quite a number of songs which could entertain us sometimes.

Most important reason was I won't be receiving complaint everyday when I pick her up. Last time when she stayed with my aunt, her son used to complain about her so much. I felt so fed up listening to that everyday when I fetched her. And I think I've make the right choice.

Audrey just recovered from fever and vomiting kind of illness since last Wed. What a nightmare for us, we were having so much worried. On the third day, red rashes even appeared on her body especially her face. We brought her to doctor again. Doctor said this is called "fong mok". It comes and goes, really got no idea how to cure it. But we noticed whenever she feels hot, then the red thing appeared. However, doctor advised us if her fever doesn't go by last Sunday, she will need to go for blood test. Luckily on Monday morning, her fever gone as well as the "fong mok".

Actually another 3 of her school mates were also affected by the same virus. All of them met each other in the clinic on Wed morning. According to the principle, she suspected the virus was from another kid.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Mummy, I Want To Get Married"

Few weeks back, my conversation with Audrey was......

Audrey : Mummy, mummy, I want to marry with Yu Joon.

Mum : What? Of course cannot.....who is Yu Joon? Daddy n
mummy don't even know him, how can u marry him.

Audrey : Ne....Yu Joon is my schoolmate ma, I like to play
with him. I want to get married and wear sexy wedding gaun.

Mum : Okie, okie, next time u introduce Yu Joon to daddy
mummy first.


Today, while driving back home, Audrey again start talking

Audrey : Mummy, I want to marry with Kai Jie.

Mum : Em....why not Yu Joon this time?

Audrey : Because u knew Kai Jie, right? He always give
me sticker.

(Kai Jie, Jane's son, I knew her from Sg.Long Buddhist Playgroup)

Mum : *?* (Thinking in my heart, this gal try to marry
someone that I knew and hoping that I won't object her request)....*sigh*

I knew her intention of getting married with someone, she just
wants to wear like a bride. She loves "sexy" gaun (referring to
tube design gaun that I wore last time).

My Little Shannen

Sorry la Sin Lee, I always forget to post my little gal photo. She joined the dinner too and luckily Lye's aunt was helping me to look after her.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My BIL's Wedding - Part 3 "Wedding Dinner"

3.00pm Sunny

After a short nap, we went to look c look c for hair salon around that area to get our hairs set. There were few salon around and it's hard to decide which hair stylist could deliver the best services. It's like gambling, instead of money, we are putting out head and hair on the table. We asked the price and find it's quite reasonable (RM22 for wash and set), in fact to me it was cheap as compared to those in Sg.Long. Of course the quality will be on par to the price we are paying.

However, I've make the worst assumption just in case the result doesn't turn up to my expectation and at least I'm ready to accept the truth.

The lady who helped to set my hair was damn slow in action. My autie keep on pushing her to act faster. But the lady just stayed steady and replied in smile. I was so worried if she felt unhappy, what will happen to my hair? I still need to attend wedding dinner ler....

Finally we finished just in time and rushed like mad to dress up and go to restaurant. That's how I looked that night.

The dinner was held in "Long Seng, Nilai". They just shifted to a new big building that has few ball rooms. I would say the place is nice due to newly built. The environment it's 80% compatible to hotel style with a 20% cheaper cost. Not bad.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Little "Ke Po Chi"

My little "ke po chi" was so excited to attend her uncle's wedding. She woke up without "lau kai" that morning as she knew that I will dressed her up nicely. This is how she looked that morning. Furthermore she is too cooperative when being asked to pose for camera shooting, really "bei ta han".....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

BIL's Wedding - Part 2 "181008"

18 Oct 2008 Cloudy morning

Finally it was the actual day of my BIL wedding. We drove to Seremban early in the morning and after reached his house, we had our breakfast and started to help to set up tables, arranged chairs, foods and drinks for the "chi mui".

The bride and groom reached home around 10.30am. An hour later, rain started and luckily all the ceremony already done. "Teh" pun sudah minum, "Ang Pow" pun sudah bagi.

I helped to shoot some photos for them. Prevented very professional and try to find some artistic angel for shooting. However, hubby commented my skills still need further improvement....after loaded the photo into PC, I realised some of the photos were not very clear. Pai seh.....

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