Saturday, May 29, 2010

Interview Week

I've been busy lately due to a fully scheduled job interviews last few days, one more scheduled next week. I'm so stressed and tired. I've got to prepare myself for each interview. First, need to googled the destination as I'm not familiar with the road direction in KL, always get confused. Secondly, got to check the company profile and background. Thirdly, need to arrange someone to pick up Audrey from kinder garden.

No doubt I felt tension this whole week, but I'm also happy because at least this busy week gave me some hope of being hired (after sitting at home for months). Not sure whether I will get any offer from any of these companies, updates only by next week. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bird's Nest

This was the first time Audrey seeing bird nest in close up (first time for mummy as well) after she was told and shown by my friend while paying visit to her house the other day. It was amazed how bird could build their nest so neat with just using dry leave. Not only that, it's also durable to hold bird's egg inside before it churn out as baby bird.

This is something rare that we don't see it so often. So I considered that we were lucky to have seen it that day.

Mummy bird was away to find food or perhaps building another bigger nest for the new member.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bangkok Trip Cancelled

By right (if following our planned schedule), we are supposed to arrived Bangkok yesterday for shopping and sight seeing, perhaps having some fresh coconut in such a hot weather now. Ai.... too bad, I'm still here at home as we got to hold on our trips due to demonstration performed by the anti-government protesters at the central of Bangkok (heart of shopping heaven).

We are lucky that we could change our flight without any 'change fee' that usually air asia will imposed, that itself cost us few hundred RM. However we are still struggling to decide on a new date as we need to consider the different on the air fare that we need to top up. Or shall we just change to other destination since Bangkok's politic is not stable and war ending in no date. Headache.... headache......

Due to the AirAsia Free Seats promotion just kick off, overwhelming response has slower down their site many many many times. What a disappointment? No choice, got to keep on trying and trying........ wish me luck.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Beautiful Day!

What will you see first thing in the morning after you wake up from your bed? Beside seeing your lovely husband/wife's face, beside seeing your baby who is still sleeping soundly, will you get to see the nature of earth with so much of green surrounding you? I do.

I could smell the fresh air when I open the window, see the birds swiftly and hear them chirruping. I often forecast the weather by looking at the sky,'s a sunny day again. I like to see the clouds covering part of the mountain far on the other side.

I always starts my day with a beautiful scene, how about you?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Like Flower

I like flower to the max. Guess you already know which type of flower that I like the most. Ar...? Don't know ar? Ai yo yo...... just look at my blog header you will get the answer.

I need to buy flowers for prayer twice a month, hence I got a little excited to go to the flower stall at market and choose the most fresh and beautiful flower each time. I bought this 2 weeks ago, I quite like the color of this flower. Upon replacing water inside the vase, I just can't resist to snap this eye catching flower, it's so beautiful!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Phiew! It's done.

I'm scratching my head since last month as I don't know what to give as his birthday present. Yes, it's my home minister's birthday. Really headache to think of something he like and affordable by me at this moment. Ai yo yo........ Unlike ladies, we already have a wish list containing hundred of things that we don't need. You name it, we are happy to have it. Ha ha.....

So finally, I decided to make a cheese cake for him. A homemade cheese cake from a 'half' skillful wife, and with a little help from his beloved daughter too.

And after about 2 hours sweating in the kitchen, finally the cheese cake is ready for the birthday man. Hope he likes it and we (mummy and the 2 angels) would like to wish you 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Housekeeping Habit

I must praised my 5 years old girl this time for having a good habit to house keep her bookshelf on and off. Her daddy always claimed that her good habit is inherited from her mummy, er hem.... adjusting my shirt's collar :P .

Ever since I was young (primary schooling age), I already helped out my mum on daily house chores. Floor sweeping & mopping, window glass cleaning, hang washed clothes, clean up dishes and etc. But I'm lucky to have 3 elder sisters whom will take up most of the tough house chores and left some simple one for me. But I got to absorb the work slowly when they get married one by one ..... sob* sob*

Audrey even said I'm like 'Cinderella', not that I will be granted a nice evening gown nor glass shoes from a fairy. It's simply because she saw me doing so many house work while herself and mei mei are like step sister to Cinderella, relaxing on sofa for cartoon. Ha ha......

However I find it quite important to train our children to 'love' doing house chores when they are young. At what age do you think it's a good start to train them? To me, I think as soon as they start messing up our living room with their toys, they should be taught to keep the toys for next play. Audrey does a good job most of the time after each play unlike her mei mei who hardly keep her toys. In fact we got headache to train Shannen to keep her toys.

Audrey also starts helping me to fold her own clothes (upon my request), wash non greasiness dishes when I'm busy cooking or baking and keep empty containers inside cabinet. She is my good helper sometimes.

Audrey snapped this photo of her 'after house keep bookshelf' and proudly show it to me. I gave her a thumb up sign and praised her good girl.

Shannen could sense that I'm complaining her in this blog. When I'm done with this post, she took out the floor mop and told me that she wants to mop the floor. Ha ha .... look at her... *head shaking*!