Thursday, October 29, 2009

Marble Cheesecake

As requested by you (SL & Jo-N), here I attached the recipe for making cheese cake. This recipe was taken from a baking book.

Ingredient (A) :
350g digestive biscuit
60g butter

Ingredient (B) :
500g cream cheese
70g butter
1 egg
4 tbsp water
130g icing sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice & zest

50g choc bar

Preparation for the base (ingredient A):
1. Hand crush the disgestive biscuit into smaller piece. Then blend it using blender until it turn to soft powder form.
2. Add in melted butter and mix well.
3. Pour the mixture into a baking pan (8" or 9") and press it firmly. If it's too loose, the biscuit base tend to crush after you cut it. So make sure you press it really firm. After that, set it aside.

Preparation for the cream cheese (ingredient B):
1. Put all ingredient B into a mixer bowl and mix it until smooth (use medium speed for about 12 mins).
2. Pour 90% of the mixure onto the crust. Add the melted choc bar into the leftover mixure and mix well. Pour the choc mixure in a circle manner on the top. You may swirl it to form marble pattern before putting it into oven. I guess my marble cheesecake doesn't look like those in the bakery, it has my very own "marble" style....:D
4. Preheat the oven and bake it for 30 mins at 180 degree celcius.
5. Cool completely and put it into fridge if you like to serve in cold.

Happy baking!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No more tears....

We felt relieved yesterday as my little Shannen was not crying when I dropped her to baby sitter in the morning. She even said goodbye to me...... huh! No more tears from now on? Ha ha.... too early to say so.

As for Audrey, she "reported" that aunty scolded her almost everyday for taking hours to finish her meal. Aiiii...... poor gal. She even asked me to teach her how to "eat faster". She thought there is other express way as sometimes she feels tired chewing it by her own, ha ha!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Planning for a short break?

Are you planning for a short break during coming school holidays?

Let me know if you are interested for a break to Kenyir Lake Resort before end of this year. My sister intends to sell her voucher that she purchased during last Matta Fair. This voucher is valid until end of this year with no restriction on booking whether during public or school holidays.

This voucher is a package for 1 superior chalet with 2 nights stay at Kenyir Lake Resort which includes 2 breakfast for 2 pax. Normal price is RM576. But now the voucher is only selling at RM396 (no mark-up), you can save up to RM180. So please let me know if any of you or your relatives, friends are interested to buy over the voucher by 30 Oct 2009.

Monday, October 19, 2009

First Day to Baby Sitter

Today is the first day I sent Shannen to her baby sitter together with Audrey. She slept in her car seat half way towards aunty's house. I carried her down and put her on the sofa, she continue her sleep. My dear baby, she was just too tired. Good also, at least I can leave without any screaming and shouting that will make me feel so sad and heart pain. I told Audrey not to disturb mei mei and must try to soothe her when she's crying. Hope my little girl will get use to it with the least cry.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Car Parking Headache

For those who has been living in Condo/Apartment, will understand my headache to search for car park when we are given only one car park per unit. I think most of families now are more affordable to have more than one car as compared to last time. Mainly due to our poor public transport infrastructure in this country which not able to bring 100% conveniences to us.

We have been enjoying 2 car parks since we moved in as my next door unit is not occupied until now. Yesterday night, we were unofficially informed by our security guard that the next unit owner has rented his car park to a resident staying ground floor who own 3 cars. Alamak..... that means we can't park our car side by side anymore and from now on, I got to search an illegal parking space which mustn't block others way..... :(

Friday, October 9, 2009

Me baking?

Lately, I was influenced by some blogger who are so capable until I got to name them as "super women". They are multitasker, they work (some from home) yet can do cooking daily. They need to take care kids yet can manage house chores. They do blogging yet can do baking (perhaps one hand on the keyboard and the other hand holding mixer...ha ha). Agree with me that they are all "super women"?

How I was being influenced? I cook more nowadays but during weekend only. I started to learn making cheese cake. It becomes my habit now to hop to their blog daily, as I need cooking and baking ideas from them.

So far, I had tried to make 3 cheese cakes. Blueberry cheese, marble cheese and Japanese cotton cheese. 2 out of 3 turned out "ok", only failed in baking Japanese cheese cake. Will try again this weekend.

My first homemade cheese cake - Blueberry topping

Second homemade Marble cheese cake.

I simply love anything with cheese especially cheese cake. Hubby and Audrey not crazy for cheese but can accept it well. They kept on saying my cheese cake was yummy while filling up their mouth with it..... I'm of course moving my tail left right like a happy doggy after hearing that :D.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Zhong Qiu" 2009

Zhong Qiu's eve :
This was the 2nd time we were being invited to "Yue Kuang" party organized by My Montessori to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival. Audrey was counting down to the day since last Monday. She was so excited and finally able to play lantern with her friends all the night last Friday. They prepared quite a lot of food for those attendee and party started at 7pm. This year they even organized "guessing lantern" games. You know what, for the first time I participated and won 2 choc bar for my gals. Ha ha....

Last but no least, all the parents were entertained with a song performed by a group of kids aged 4 and 5. I forgotten the song title but something related to Zhong Qiu. The lyric was something like ..... yue liang yuan, yue liang yuan, yue liang chao zai wo de jia.....

Zhong Qiu Day :
We went back to MIL house for celebration this year as my parents were attending a wedding dinner that night. Despite my mother side with more kids running around, we only have my 2 gals and BIL's daughter at my MIL side. So less hassle from them and we were more relax sitting outside for food and chit chatting. Half way we noticed one important thing missing for the night, a sky luminous with a round moon.

~The End~
How about your celebration?