Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sister In Law Wedding - 291108

We stayed over night at my MIL house as my SIL wedding was too early in the next morning. Groom must arrives bride's house around 7am. Phewww......
I woke up around 6am that morning. Ya, a bit late, initially plan to wake up 5.30pm but due to Shannen coughing the whole night, I got no enough sleep. As all the relatives not coming yet, so only myself and MIL busy preparing foods. Luckily it was just a simple preparation as all the foods are ready made except for morning tea.

Sharp at 7.15am, groom and his brother arrived. Those neighbours who are still in their sweet dream maybe awake by the "loud horn"..... no choice.

Those "chi mui" are well experienced in torturing groom. This is the first time I came across chi mui that are so health conscious. They came up with few yoga posture (picture print out) for the groom and brother to do it on the spot. It's so fun and greats.

See, the groom is trying hard to band here and there as this posture was requested by the bride to be carried out by he groom, no one can help.....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'll be back soon....

I'm pretty tight up since last few weeks. Sister in law marriages end of Nov, right after that we went for family trip (one week), just came back last week. This week pulak going to Alor Star for another wedding dinner (organize by the groom side) for my sister in law. Hope to be back soon......to update some new post, new photos, new feelings.......

Friday, December 12, 2008

Lye's Family Photo

This is our first family photo ever since Shannen joined as member. We took this during my colleague's wedding last few weeks. Thanks to the photographer, Devaki.

During the high tea, Audrey got the chance to meet her friend, Lisa. Lisa is my colleague's daughter. We always share story about them, it was a lot of fun as both of them could create funny topics for the mums to share with. Of course sometimes we will also exchange our thoughts of teaching and coaching our gals.

We even named them as " penyamun " group. Don't ask me why....longggggggg story. I really hope their relationship will last long as we have limited Malay friend. But it's quite funny when you watch both of them talking. Audrey doesn't know or understand much about Malay language. Lisa speaks Malay more than English. So you can imagine the situation having one chic talking to one duck on their own language. However they can still mix around to be friend. Amazing!