Saturday, July 31, 2010

In Silent Mode

Sorry for not updating my blog for more than 1 month. Thanks for your patience to revisit here again. Ya ya..... I'm still alive here and struggling my working life too.

I'm in low battery mode after coming back from work everyday. So I will knock off in less than 3 minutes while the kids still actively playing on the bed with their soft toys.

And when come weekend, I like to charge myself with a long afternoon nap. Feel fresh after that, that's how I spend my weekend nowadays. Pretty boring but I like it as I can cut down outing which usually ended up at shopping mall. Save my hard earn money too .... ha ha! But mega sales is out there now.... "leg itch liaw".

Really looking forward for next month end for long holidays. Employee is like that mah.... hoping month end for salary and looking forward for holidays, yahoo!

Will try to update my blog more often.....hopefully! Don't worry, fore sure I'm following your blog even I hardly leave my comment here.