Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pray For Her

I was shocked and depressed when I was told by a friend of mine that another friend in our group is confirmed having breast cancer, stage 2. So a lunch has been organized last weekend just to get together again for some updates, main purpose was to raise our concern to our friend who will be undergoing operation to remove the cancer cell next week. In another words, one of her breast will be removed.

We were sad to hear her story on how she discovered her illness and besides giving her little advice; we also expressed our full support to her. To my surprise, she doesn’t looks depressed. In fact she is brave, accepted the fact what the God has arranged for her, optimistic (as she is still planning oversea trip when recover) and get her self prepared (look around for wig hair….she told us for those made by real hair cost more than RM1k). Perhaps her strong spirit is to believe appeared due to her supportive hubby.

Operation is just a process to remove the cancer cell, following up after that is chemotherapy which to most of them the toughest treatment for the cancer patient. No appetite, vomit, weak, drowsy, lost hair, etc. I pray for her to lessen her pain.

Until now she is still worrying her work as nobody could back her up during her medical leave. Ya…. she is “one leg kick” kind of employee to her company. I raised a little of my voice when I knew about her concern. The most important things for her to do now are to rest, rest and rest. Her worried will not help her to get rid of the bad cell and somehow may make things worst. This is what the company has given her after so many years of service (stressful working environment) despite no increment for past 4 years.

As a mother, her greatest concern is her only son. She is the tutor, mentor, inspector and reminder for her 10 years old son especially guiding him for school work. Her son is depending too much on her. We told her to let go the responsibility and it’s time for her son to be independent.

Women oh women, why we have so much of worries but none of it is for our health?