Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Which is scarier?

Can you recall the latest no. of death recorded due to pandemic of H1N1? We were keeping our eyes on the no of death daily for the past few months. Everyone started to pay attention and took precaution steps to prevent from this scary virus infection even when the no of death still at zero stage in our country.
I was so impressed for the prevention awareness that government has created so far. Or should I say it was the attitude that the entire civilian has in heart. However, I was so much in doubt why our people only care about themselves from being affected by new viruses and neglected their life when traveling on the road.
H1N1 is scarier than death caused by road accident? Referring to the Ops Sikap 20 which kicked off for our Raya Holidays, the no. of death was recorded to 261 cases until 28 Sept 2009. In average 17.4 life were taken away daily. Wow…. It’s very much higher than H1N1 death toll? So, why our people never realize that actually the risk of loosing their life is higher when traveling on the road. Driver or motorcyclist with their mask on shall also be careful to keep their life safe, isn't?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fruitful Raya Holidays

I was enjoying my holidays and lazy to do blogging until today. No holidays trip but just stayed around KL to enjoy the Raya Holidays. Summarized on what we have done for the past 4 days.

Day 1 (19 Sept)
Cooked lunch at home. After afternoon nap, had dinner at mum place. Celebrated Jack's 7th years old birthday.

Day 2 (20 Sept)

Picnic at KLCC Park with few good friends (thank God no raining on that morning, in fact the weather was good, no hot sun). It was actually a reunion organized for a friend from Melbourne. Around 11am, we went to SS2 for lunch with parents and sister in law. Hubby recommended this restaurant (New Paris) of its famous and delicious food. Not bad, not bad.

After lunch, went to Tropicana Mall for shopping. Reached home around 4.30pm. Both my girls were sleeping soundly. Thought of cooking simple dishes for dinner but then hubby felt like going to Look Out Point for dinner. So we left home around 6.15pm to the place together with my sister family.
We reached there around 7.15pm and it's was so crowded. Due to parking on top hill were full, hubby got no choice but made U turn to park his car down the hill. So we (mummy with 2 gals) get down from the car and walked up. It was so exhausted even it's just a short distance (the road was very steep). Huh.... me got to carry little Shannen while one hand holding Audrey.
We already made reservation at Look Out Point Western Restaurant but no seats for us as it was so packed. I think they just simply took down our call for reservation but never reserve for us seriously. Em.... services was a thumbs down. Few other customers standing out there also making noise for the same incident. Without wasting time, I walked down to another restaurant, Gasoline to survey for empty table. Luckily they have a bigger space that can cater us immediately.
It was around 8pm, children started making noise for food. We quickly ordered something without spending much time to survey the menu. To my surprise, the food came quite fast even with the amount of people around. We wallop everything to fill up our empty stomach. Food is so so ..... I think it can be better if we come on normal day.

Oh ya, forget to report on the main attraction : night scenery. It's worth to travel 23km from my house for an excellent night view there. If you like to enjoy KL city night view with a cup of coffee or red wine, this is absolutely the right and romantic place for couples. We plan to come again next round for a better food (hopefully the other restaurant serve good food) as well as the scenery.

Day 3 (21 Sept)

We paid a visit to a recommended baby sitter's house at Sunnyvale (Bandar Sri Sg.Long). Most likely will send Shannen to her for baby sitting middle next month. We are quite satisfy with the cleanliness and environment of the house (not messy). Hope my little girl will cope with the baby sitter after one or two days cry.
We had tuna sandwiches for lunch as I planned to make Japanese Soft Cotton Cheese Cake in the afternoon. I had Audrey as my assistant this time. She helped to do the pouring of the weighted ingredient into the mixture bowl and did some washing for me too. The cake didn't turn out perfectly as it was too hard and not soft. I'm still figuring the root cause, anyone can help?

Dinner with my family members at a restaurant located right beside a Chinese temple, opposite Jusco Cheras Selatan. Another crowded place for dine in, almost full house even at 6pm. Foods are nice and cheap. Highly recommended.

Day 4 (22 Sept)

Home cook lunch for kids and hubby. After that requested hubby to send us (me and Audrey) to KLCC mall while on the way back to MIL place. Poor Shannen cried inside the car for not coming with us. I kept on teasing Audrey that she was lucky to come with me and insisted she must behave during the 2 hours shopping. And she did, good girl. We took LRT back to Wangsamaju and asked hubby to pick us up from the station. Audrey was excited to take LRT for the first time. Overall, it was an enjoyable times spent for both "kaki shopping" ladies.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Remember I did tell you our kids are the mirror for us. They follow the way we talk, we act and sometimes try to imitate our behaviour.

One night, I heard Audrey talking on her own in the living room while I was doing some clean up in the kitchen. Nothing to my surprise since I knew she likes to talk to her friends using her pink handset. But when I entered the living room, I was speechless to see her using daddy's hand free to plug into her toy mobile phone and talking using hand free! Like that also can, really beh tahan!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jumbo Designer Set

The moment Audrey jumped into my car yesterday evening, she already spotted a colourful box inside an Air Asia plastic bag sitting nicely at the front passenger seat. "Wow..... mummy, you got surprise for me ar?". I told her, "Yes, but not from mummy. Guess who give you this surprise?". Immediately she gave the correct answer. Ha ha, smart girl.
Ya, our "surprise" uncle make another day for our little girl. This time, she was given a box of Jumbo Designer. What's inside the box was a full drawing set that I find it very useful for her. It contains 7 pcs of different design stencils, 5 pcs markers, 10 pcs drawing paper, 1 HB pencils, 1 storage caddy and 8 crayons. Wow.... it's just a complete set of drawing utensil for small kids.
I felt excited like I'm the one having the surprise gift. "We" started to draw some shapes from the stencils.

We like the colourful stencils.

A message from Audrey to you, uncle Steve. "Thank you!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Photo Book

Every single life here carries own stories behind ….. not only one story I mean. It will be greats if we are given chance to record it either in a movie form (perhaps too much of “A little Nyonya” drama), blogging (what I’m doing now but only after 30++ years), book writing (if only I’m famous) or perhaps photo book could help to do some story telling to our grand and great grand children one day in future.
I like listening to my mum’s story telling about her life in the past but sometime I got to do my own imagination as photos are just so limited for me to understand more.

Came to this commercial introduction from yesterday Sin Chew newspaper about a shop name Storybook in Tropicana Shopping Mall. The deco of the shop attracted me to pay a visit to their web page. No doubt their product concept is nothing new to me as I’ve heard this kind of services from my friend long time ago. But the ways they present it through a well decorated shop as well as their well organized web pages have actually impressed me a lot.
I like their unique design theme that leave you choices to choose for printing onto the photo book. And you even can make your own calendar, diary, greeting cards, framed story photo and etc. How I wish I could turn some of our photos into a memorable and nice photo book.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Poor Gal.....

I wish to jot this down here for remembrance one day ....... Let's the photos below tell you how my little poor Audrey tried to wake her daddy up as he promised to teach her story reading after 20 mins nap. However, this tired daddy never response to her after many waking approached...... :(
Audrey is so keen to study and learn new things at her age of 4+ now. Not sure whether she will pursue the same attitude when she grows up. So in case she loss her initiative to learn, I will show her this post and tell her how impressed were daddy and mummy during that time.

Look at her pity face! Ha ha.....

Aiiii..... what happened to my camera, wrong mode setting caused the photos quality become so blur???

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Crocs Footwear, like it?

When you hear someone mentioned "rubber shoes", what appears in your mind? Pua Chu Kang's type of yellow rubber boots? Those black rubber shoes people used to wear in wet market? Or Japanese sander? Will the trendy Crocs brand footwear appears in your mind? Ha ha ..... all of us must be surprised to see the popularity of Crocs footwear in the market even though they are selling at such high price for a pair of shoes make from simple materials, croslite.

Have you ever try the quality and feel the comfy of the footwear from Crocs shop? It's soft and very light that you can hardly feel the weight carried by your feet. I like their innovative designs that have transformed from the traditional concept of "rubber shoes" to something trendy and stylish that everyone is enjoy wearing now.
2 days ago, someone were selling Crocs footwear at Sg.Long wet market. Due to curiosity, we hopped on the stall to check on the quality of the shoes. I asked the seller, "Is this real Crocs?" He answered me "Crocs is made in China and this is also from China". They are selling at price range of RM25-RM28/pair. I checked on the quality, it's lousy and the Crocs logo is so blur. The footwear designs were exactly the same like those selling at Crocs shop. So for those who really really like Crocs footwear but not affordable to get a genuine pair may consider to get one now, ha ha!