Saturday, May 30, 2009

Perth, Western Australia (Day 2)

Morning sun starts to shine at 6am during end Autumn in Perth. We took simple breakfast and make a walk to the beach. It's cold but still there were people wearing shorts and jog along road side. Salute them .....

We snap some photo and make our way to next destination, Dunsborough. After a good night sleep, both of us felt so fresh and full of energy. Before we reached Dunsborough, we stopped at Busselton for sight seeing. We went to their famous jetty that believed to be the longest in WA. However we didn't make our way out there as they are under maintenance.

It's already 11.30am when we reached Dunsborough. We can't check in before 2pm so we decided to drive down further to visit some wineries and choc factory at Margaret River.

We stopped at around 7 winneries and make all the way wine testing until finally hubby gave up as he still need to drive. All the wine testing were free of charges. Towards the end, we bought 2 bottles of red wine from those winery. Hubby said the price is so much cheaper as compared to Malaysia however you could even find it cheaper if you get it from wine shop there. It's true!

Finally we reached Margaret River around 4.30pm. At first we planned to go back after seeing the sunset but we think it's too dangerous to drive back as we are not so familiar with the road, it started dark before 6pm and all the way back are without public lamp. In fact, we saw few kangaroos died at the roadside along the way down south and this make us worry if drive in dark.

I think we have wasted too much time on wine testing in the winneries until we got to rush back to hotel. We were extremely tired and sleep soundly the whole night.

Friday, May 29, 2009

You are 65th today!

Birthday celebration is one of the way to gather all of us beside CNY. As usual, we will have dinner for the big day, Dumpling's Day and cake cutting to celebrate father's birthday after that.
Again, we ordered green tea cake but this time with a bigger size to ensure everyone enjoys bigger portion for satisfaction. Father seldom eats cake but yesterday he ate two slices, it's so delicious yet not too sweet for him.

Green tea cake, it cost RM100 for 2kg.

Shannen again missed the photo session with grandparents and all the cousins.

We also celebrated Kee Wei's birthday one day earlier.

"Let me help you, mummy", see how helpful was this little boy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Perth, Western Australia (Day 1)

We took midnight flight to Perth on 6th May. Frankly it wasn't easy to fly without a proper and comfortable seat as we hardly sleep a wink. Luckily we decided to leave my 2 gals with MIL, otherwise they must be suffering for not having a good night sleep through and flow.

We reached Perth airport 5.40 in the morning, after clearing our luggage we have Lye's former boss, Mr.Wong to come over to fetch us and send us to Belmont to collect the car we rent online. Mr.Wong was so surprised that we were be driving directly to south after a tiring night. But we wished to save some rest time. We were refreshed by a cup of coffee and started our journey to Bunsbury. After almost 2 hours drive, we stopped at Mandurah for brunch. It's a nice and very relaxing place to keep us refreshed. We also drove to the Dolphin Quay for some sight seeing after charged with some fresh air.

We continued our journey and finally reached Bunsbury around 3pm. We checked in and took nap before going out again. By the time we woke up it's already 6pm. It's dark like 8pm here.
We walked few street down to find food. Along the street, not many restaurant or cafe were operating. We noticed most of the restaurant will be closing at 8.30pm, so we got to make up our mind before we got nothing for dinner. After dinner it's only 8pm, the night was still young for us. We don't know where to go as all the shop already closed for the day, so finally we decided to buy a drink at a cafe and read some magazine. It's quite scary when you noticed you got nothing to do or nothing meaningful to be carried out as we used to have busy life that we always need more time. On the other hand, we enjoyed our coffee in a cooling night without any hassle of kids around. This is life!

Monday, May 25, 2009

A (H1N1) Flu Attacked Me?

I was having high fever on last Tuesday, the seventh day after back to home, why can't it just wait for another day. If not mistaken, to be free of flu disease, you must not have any symptom of flu within 7 days after travelling back. I was so worried as besides fever, I had mild sore throat, followed by cough and running nose. Furthermore, my muscle on my thigh was painful as well. I keep on telling myself, no, I'm just having normal flu. After analyst with hubby, I think I'm having excessive stress when I squat down for too long to wash clothes and floor map last Sunday that made my muscle feels painful after 2 days. *Phiew*

I went to clinic and even told doctor that I was just back from overseas. He looks calm and never ask further question to confirm whether I was infected with the virus. In my heart, I think he is trying to be escaped from trouble what if I'm tested positively infected.

I don't want to be quarantined, I drunk a lot of water and took a good rest after taking pills and finally I was recovered the next 2 days even not 100%.

Hubby asked me what if our flight was found to be the one having passengers infected with H1N1, will you report to government hospital and to be quarantined. "Why not?" I told him. "I need medical treatment and I don't want die la." I added.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vegetarian Party

This was a special birthday party organized by my brother for his wife as all guests were served with vegetarian food. It's also my first time attending a birthday party dinner without chicken wings, sausage, fish ball, etc. It was replaced by vegetarian sweet and sour fish, vegie curry, fried mee hoon and pineapples fried rice, vegetarian fried pork with source, mixed vegie, etc. I think for those have tried the vegetarian food will agreed with me that the taste of the food they made are almost the same like non vegetarian food. The taste is as good as those food. But not many out there would love to eat vegetarian food. How about you?


Audrey managed to catch up with her friend (Lu Lu - standing beside her) that she didn't contact for year, not to forget also her cousin brother Shawn. Bernice was attracted by someone else.

Hey..... what were you two been doing here?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My First Car

I owned my first car about 10 years back. I bought it when I got my second job and decided to buy after considering no public transport could reach my new company. I borrowed some down payment from my mum and balance loan it from bank. The good thing of borrowing money from parents was you can pay back as and when you like.... ha ha, teruk nye! Believe or not, I just clear my balance debt to my mum this year. Poor mum just get back her money after so many years and "without interest".

This old car was actually still in tip top condition and I have hard feeling to sell it off due to the sentimental value. Anyway I can't be driving it forever otherwise I will not have chance to go for a better car. So before I sell it off, I have taken a few photos for memorable.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Long Break...

We have planned for a vacation since last year Sept when Air Asia offered free seat to some overseas city. We have made it last week and just back home 2 days ago. This was our the 2nd honeymoon trip as we sent our gals to my mother in law. Thanks to her kindness and help to take care of them.

Will tell you more about our trip when I'm charged. Like others traveler, we are tired when back home and still adjusting ourselves to the extremely warm weather here, luckily the rain came these 2 days after hearing our complaint, huh!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Mirror

To educate a child is something that we didn't learn during our school time. Therefore attending seminar on how to educate child might help us a lot. But I never attend once due to the venue always at KL area, time not appropriate and kids are not allowed to attend.
Many of us especially during our teenage period, tend to complain about our parents for not being as good as others. We even hate them for being love to scold us for whatever reason.
Looking at myself as a mother of two now, I realized I'm not that good as well. One day, my girls might be complaining about me too. I did scold them when they make me angry and canned (Audrey) when she shouted at me.
To be frank, I could see 'myself ' from the kid's attitude and behaviour. It's just like a 'mirror', reflecting what you do, say and act. I'm still trying to control my EQ so that they can control their emotion better as they grow.
There was one night whereby Audrey made me angry again. I just told her off for not being a good girl and went to shower to cold myself down. Half way during my bath, she knocked my washroom door and said "sorry la mummy, ok?". I replied her "ok, you are good girl hor...". While replying her, I totally forget about my anger.
In my heart, I could find her now is more mature and understanding. She will admit her mistake and apologize when needed to do so.
I think you must heard about this before "you will get what you plant today".... I would like to translate it into "they will behave how you behave today".