Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm A Lazy Staff

Working at a far distance from home wasn't easy, what's more for a women with family (especially with 2 demanding girls). Actually I was prepared for that after spoken to hubby before we agreed to accept the job. I'm grateful as he is fully supporting me to take up the challenge by voluntarily sending Audrey to kinder garden and Shannen to babysitter on his way to work. Therefore he has been late to work for the past week. Maybe start next week, I shall be sending Shannen early morning to babysitter so that it could save some time for him.

Working in a big company wasn't easy. It may takes you years to know every colleagues even though we are under the same roof for 9 hours per day. My department colleagues work very late almost everyday, they work until 8-9pm and some of them even come back on Saturday. I feel like an 'alien' while walking out from the office after working hours. Ha ha ha..... But I don't care, I also need my personal time for myself and my family. What a bad discipline employee am I, ..... don't let my boss know I'm a lazy staff!

Monday, June 21, 2010

My New Working Life Starts Today

Not working for almost 4 months, I truly enjoyed being a full time housewife so far. Fully understood now why some of my friends could stay away from work but still find their life full of excitement.

Today marks the 1st day of another working journey in my life. I'm nervous but excited and happy as finally I was being hired again.... yahoo!

This is my 3rd company I'll be working for after graduated 11 years ago. Don't you think I'm a loyal employee? Hem hem....actually I'm lazy to find new job and don't really like to start all over again in a new environment.

I never ever think that I could travel so far from home to work at this new place which takes at least 40 minutes to reach by paying expensive toll fares and sometime it could take me 1.5 hours one way during bad traffic time.

I told hubby for so many years we were lucky as my previous company was not very far from home and due to advantages of reverse traffic that have saved my traveling time, I was the one responsible to send and pick up our daughters without him rushing back home from work. Stress release for him.

It's time to change the job routine since my new working place is far as compared to his office now. Hopefully we could manage to adjust our timing and reach home in time to fetch our daughters by either one of us. Another headache will be our dinner. No more home cook meals by then. Maybe need to cater or just 'ta pau' (take away) from food stall, at least for the first month.

Who dare say it's not difficult to be a working housewife, a working mother of 2 kids, a working women for a family....... Don't you think you guys are the luckiest man at home?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Dumpling" Foot

In the event of "Dumpling Day" celebration, my left foot also wanna looks like 'dumpling' ..... ha ha! Actually we fell down from staircase on our way to swimming pool yesterday. Ya...we, myself and Audrey, both fell down together. Luckily no injury for Audrey but for myself, I wrenched my foot.

In fact I fell when I tried to pull her up when she missed her final step before reaching the floor. It happened in just a second, so I'm still scratching my head how it could happen.

I was suffering from the pain yesterday night .... *sob sob*. Couldn't walk.

I feel much better now after visiting the traditional massage doctor this morning. And my foot ended up being wrapped like a "dumpling". Thank god the sprained foot is not so serious as commented by the traditional doctor. Less walk will make the sprained foot recover faster.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let me help you...k?

I don't understand how my little gal could give her hand in helping her sister to brush her teeth yet she is the one always need help from us..... *head shaking*. And strange enough that Shannen let her sister to help her this time whereby this stubborn girl of mine doesn't even let me to brush her teeth, she wants to do it by her own.

I was surprised to see both of them brushing teeth that night, che che helping mei mei with full cooperation from mei mei . I stood outside the washroom to witnessed this "night in history".

Che che :''ok, now open your mouth big big. Yes....good"
Without much fussy, mei mei opened her mouth and let che che brushed her teeth.
Che che :"good, now say eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" while brushing her front teeth.

Ha ha ..... Sometimes they could just click to each other nicely and peacefully without me acting like a referee to put up my whistle when any of them screaming for help.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some Updates

I'm feeling lazy to update blog these few days..... when you stop doing something for too long, it's hard to start the engine again, just like a car getting hard to start after not driving for sometimes. Ouch... I need to keep the momentum up.

Still no updates for my interview thus far ...... fingers still crossing tightly.

We enrolled Audrey to the holidays programme organized by My Montessori during this school holidays. We paid RM75 for one week activities which includes 2 outings, 1 baking, handcraft for father's day (oh...father's day around the corner), art painting, music and dance. And yesterday was their first outing to Fruits-land located at Semenyih. She came home with an exhausted face and complaint that both her legs were painful. Perhaps she walked too much and played too hard over there. However she was very happy and excited about the outing. Kept on telling me this and that, she nearly fall asleep inside her teacher's car on the way back.

As for Shannen, not sure whether I shall send her to the holidays programme for 2-3 years group this time. Pity her not getting chance to mix with other kids for play and fun. I only worried that she will be tagging along her sister and refuse to join her group. Em.... maybe shall give her a try next holidays.